December 29, 2015
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2015's been a great year, hasn't it?  I love looking back on each year as it comes to a close, to be thankful for all that has happened, and then to look forward to the new year with anticipation and gratitude as well.

So what was 2015 like for The Feminine Gift?

Our lovely Tess moved on to greener pastures - but not without leaving us with some quality posts: like this one about being called to be a saint, or this one about exploring the gift of receptivity.  We miss her here at TFG but are happy for her in the new adventures she has begun.

With Tess' departure, we added a new voice to our little corner of the internet.  Ksenia joined us with her inaugural post, Grow up it's just a bus pass.  I know I love her quirky and smooth style of writing!  We also loved hearing from Alexa (whose most popular contributions this past year can be found here, and here) and occasionally from other writers like Christine, and from Becca- who writes at the blog Faith and Peanut Butter (who incidentally I had the pleasure of meeting IRL this year!  My first blogger meet-up!)  

We also updated our look, going with the fabulous design from Carla at Glam Blogs Design.  It's been a beautiful, and busy, year for us!

And as for me personally?  My husband and I changed jobs in 2015 - narrowly missing an opportunity to move to Europe. (Although we did move, just not that far!)  Not bad for starting the year NOT planning to do either.

I've also decided to keep The Feminine Gift alive and will continue to write with the mission to bring lovely back to femininity.  Such an important goal, isn't it?  Bringing lovely into more and more of our lives?

Here are the most popular posts from this past year:

A post about the Spirituality of Waiting

A post about my visit with my spiritual father, Padre Pio

This post about remembering death in order to live a good life.  

And lastly, a post about Wifely Submission.

My husband and I will be going on a week-long silent retreat in early January, and I ask you all for your prayers if you would.  I will certainly be remembering you all and your intentions - please feel free to write to me with anything specific!

And most of all, I hope you have a Blessed, Happy and Fruitful New Year of 2016.  May the blessings of the Father, Son and Spirit be with you, and the favour of the Blessed Mother always be with you.


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