January 21, 2015
Let's take a walk on the lighter side. This week I'd like to take you on a tour of some of my favourite places to visit online.

Fun girly YouTube channels
Every now and then a girl needs to be a girl. YouTube abounds with makeup gurus and how-to videos of all sorts, but some are definitely better - and more fun - than others. Here are two I like:

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa is a professional makeup artist from Britain. She really knows her stuff, and has a restrained delivery style (believe me when I say this is not always the case!). Plus, we know that anything spoken with a British accent is a delight to hear, and must always be true.

The Daily Connoisseur
Jennifer L. Scott spent six months in Paris as a student. While there, she became entranced with the principles of French chic in matters of style and daily living. The author of two books, she now also has a YouTube channel and blog in which she shares her ideas of living with, and enjoying, the very best you have in your life. Don't hide your best dishes away, use them!

Fun girly blogs
Blogs for women abound online, covering every topic imaginable. Here are two I like to visit regularly:

The Nester
This blog is a breath of fresh air. It's about home d├ęcor, but for 'the rest of us', those of us who are not represented by the glossy magazines of perfectly perfect homes with not a thing out of place. The Nesting Place is about using what you already own and loving your home.  Delightful!

Need a laugh?  Want to pretend your best friend is as southern as can be?  Visit BooMama, and visit often.

Because it's beautiful
This one I'm including to provide you a place to dream about living in a gorgeous chateau in the South of France. It's fodder for day dreams:

Chateau de Gudanes
The pictures are what does it for me. I don't really keep track of anything else that happens on this site, I just scroll through the photos and sigh at all the beauty.  This lovely old chateau (this was once someone's home.  Imagine!) is undergoing renovation, and we get to follow along - without the bother of plaster dust and recalcitrant tradesmen.

Because it's Catholic
Into every life a little learning must fall:

Word on Fire
I'd dearly love to invite Father Barron to dinner, so I could sit and listen to him talk. On any subject. He covers current events, pop culture, apologetics, and catechesis. Typically he sits in front of rows and rows of books which is distracting because I find myself wanting to browse the titles, but he has the remarkable gift of distilling complex topics into manageable, logical pieces. Catch the fire!

Because he makes cooking fun
For those moments of cookery confusion:

Chef John's Food Wishes YouTube channel
I mentioned above that not all YouTube tutorials are equal. Some presenters blather on far too long, so that the viewer forgets what they were searching for. Or by the time they finally get on to showing you how to prepare the perfect rice, your pot has boiled dry.  Chef John will not leave you in such straights. He will teach you techniques and recipes, but best of all he does it with a wonderful sense of humour. 

Because it's British. And funny.
Do you have a love of all things British?

A YouTube channel full of humour to teach you about British pop culture, language, accents, and food. Tally Ho!

Do you have favourite YouTube gurus or internet sites you like to visit?  Share in the comment box below.


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