November 23, 2014
We're about to enter the Silly Season with its social obligations and mile-long to do lists.  We may
attempt to Keep It Simple, Stoopid, but a certain level of craziness is inevitable at this time of year.
But here's what I want to say:  be good to yourself.

You're going to spend an unusual and possibly uncomfortable amount of time with family. You'll be on the roads with frantic drivers, in stores with crazed shoppers, at functions with stressed-out colleagues and neighbours.  You'll be dealing with 'flu bugs and cold viruses and run down children or spouses. You'll be thinking of names to send cards to or buy gifts for.  There's all that baking and meal preparation to do.  It'll be very easy to forget to look after yourself.

Without pausing for thought, I could name a double handful of friends who are coping with grief, depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress.  These next few weeks can be challenging enough without the grief, depression, anxiety, fatigue, or stress - even though we love the decorations and carols and new-fallen snow.

Make sure you put yourself somewhere in the top bit of  your to do lists.  Keep your dates with your running buddy, or invite a friend out for coffee. Be faithful to daily prayer, spend time in Adoration if you are able. Acknowledge when you've reached your limit. Adjust your expectations. Simplify when it makes sense. Do what you enjoy doing and shelve the rest for another year.  The only important thing about this season is the celebration of the day of Noel itself; everything else is our own devising. It's ok to make sure you are in a good state to enjoy it all along with everyone else.

Be good to yourself.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nancy. I hope you're being good to yourself!

  2. Ahhh, perfect time to remind me - BEFORE the silliness starts. Thanks Tess.

  3. So so so true! Thank you for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the season :)



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