October 31, 2014
Tons.  Both are women.  Both are artists in their own rites.  Both are alive.  Oh wait, no, Julia just passed.

To be honest the only thing they really have in common is that I woke up this morning with thoughts of Mousse au Chocolat and the lyrics "…staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words you cannot find" - Beddingfield's most popular song.   That's all I've got.

But it is Halloween today which means there will likely be excess of chocolate in your house - chocolate that could be used for the ever-delicious "helter-skelter" Mousse au Chocolat.  So while you're listening to a bit of the poetic Natasha sing "Unwritten", you could whip up a batch of chocolate mousse aux Julia Child.  And when you're all finished, I've added an extra little treat for you.  (I'll give you a little hint…it's Dee Chockolata Moose.)

Happy Halloween/All Hallow's Eve/The day before All Saint's/Friday!  

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I always wanted to try chocolate moooooose; thank you, Swedish Chef (everything I ever learned about cooking, I learned from him)



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