August 3, 2014
I got up last Sunday full of expectations of how the day was going to go.  And it didn't go that way.  I did, however, take the pictures, hoping to link up with Fine Linen and Purple once again, but they just didn't go anywhere after that.  So what follows is what I wore last Sunday.  Hope you don't mind….

Dress - Walmart
Shirt - Thrifted Gap
Shoes - Thrifted Clarks
Earrings - I'm forgetting which ones I wore

I've showed you this necklace (and jean shirt combo) before - I bought the necklace full price at Le Chateau, a place I rarely shop.  And the lady at the cashier, as I was paying said, "Oh my, these necklaces aren't very pretty, are they?"  Uhh…right.  That's why I'm buying one.  Because I want to look not-pretty.  

I disagree.  I love the colour of this puppy.  And the style.  It's sort of got a vintage-ish feel to it. 


On an unrelated note, Tess and I will be taking a bit of time off of blogging in August.  We will perhaps post something here or there, but there comes a time in a gal's life where she just needs some rest, and that time has come for us.  So get yourself some good ol' R&R - go camping, or glamping, or hoteling, or have a stay-cation, and we'll catch you on the flip-flop. 

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  1. The necklace is beautiful!! I agree that it has a vintage feel - and it seems to be the sort of thing that can just pull everything together. This is a wonderful outfit - a great look!

    I'll miss you and Tess, but the flip will have flopped before we know it :). Enjoy!



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