July 29, 2014
Ok.  It's a cheesy title, I know.  But I just can't help it.

I used to think it was a stereotype that women were obsessed with weddings, but it's not.  Not only is How I Met My Husband one of our popular posts, but the other day someone had posted a picture of their wedding dress on their Facebook feed and that started an absolute deluge of others posting pictures of their wedding day/dress as well.

And I lapped. Them. Up.

Hi I'm Sarah and I eagerly checked out wedding pictures for at least 100 people I don't know.

I, however, did not post my own.  I thought, as something fun and lighthearted, I would post pictures of my wedding here, and invite you to do the same - either on your own blog (and leave your URL in our comments) or post the pic in the comments section (if you can do that?).  I'm already looking forward to seeing them.  Hey maybe you could include a funny story from your wedding?!  I like funny wedding stories almost as much as I like wedding pictures.

My funny story?  Two of my brothers were the MC's for the reception.  When it came time to introduce us to the crowd for the first time as husband and wife, my brothers introduced us by my maiden name, not by my husband's last name.  It was hysterical - the crowd burst out laughing - and the hubs is still irked to this day about it.  The funniest thing…my brothers hadn't meant to do that.  It was a total slip up, or so they tell me.  He he he…

It rained on our wedding day so our many of our pictures were indoors.
With parents and grandmas.
The rings (and flowers).

At the old covered bridge near the reception site.
The moment we were introduced…Jason's all like, "Ha ha.  Not funny."

It stopped raining just long enough to take this one.  The Church in the background is where my husband's grandmother had been baptized way back when.

Me in my wedding dress, 10 years later.
Although it's a *bit* tight, it still fits - YAY - and I still feel like a princess in it.


  1. Is it too cheesy to say that I think you look even more beautiful NOW then you did 10 years ago? There are pictures of my wedding on Facebook. Feel free to stalk me! The funniest moment at my wedding was probably my brother-in-laws speech. He is sooo sarcastic and he did the whole speech like a spoiled kid saying that my hubby got everything he wanted and so he wasn't going to congratulate him now for getting what he wanted AGAIN. I LOVED IT and laughed so hard. Later, my dad tells me that he (along with other relatives of mine) did not get the humor and thought that he was serious and they were worried and felt awkward! I laughed so hard again! What a great day!

    1. Man, I wish I could've been at your wedding. ;) That sounds like a blast!

  2. u r such a beauty! you too, Mr. Koechl.

  3. You were (and are) so lovely, Sarah. What beautiful pictures.

  4. The picture of you being introduced (the one where Jason is so very not impressed) is so totally you! I always think of you with a big smile, and can always hear your laugh. You bring such joy to people's lives, Miss Sarah!



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