June 18, 2014

One of the greatest gifts we have in the Catholic Church is the priesthood. I am so very grateful for the holy priests I have known in my life. As shepherds they have guided me and protected me; they have taught me the faith through instruction and by example. I know it is because they have generously shared their love of God with me that I have faith today.  I’d like to thank a few by name:

Father Bob C., and Father Collin. They visited my religion class and encouraged us students to ‘bug our parents gently to take us to Mass’. These two men reached into the heart of my family, helping to bring my dad back to the Church, baptizing my mom, my sister, and me, were instrumental in revitalizing my parents’ marriage, and preparing us for a life of faith.

Fr. Steve Z., who brought us to Taizé and introduced me to contemplative prayer.

Fr. Bob Bedard who led me into a deeper relationship with the Lord, and had a big influence on my catechesis. It was with his guidance I realized my faith and my life could be integrated. He taught me to ‘give God permission’ and to trust Him.

Fr. Adam, for being open to God’s call in his life and allowing me to witness it. In Father Adam I see that surrendering to God doesn’t change us into someone else, but it does transform us into a deeper, truer version of ourselves.

To all the holy priests who hear our confessions, offer us counsel and consolation, pray for us, baptize and instruct our children, and most beautifully of all, bring us Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament – thank you.

The world is often not kind to you, it deliberately misunderstands you, and seeks to diminish your service and your sacrifice. We frequently take you for granted while also demanding everything of you. Know that we love you and are grateful for you. Thank you for all you give in service to the Lord, for being our fathers in faith. May your ministry be fruitful, and may our Lord abundantly bless you.

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  1. Amen, Amen and AMEN!! Thank you to all the Fathers in our lives!



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