June 25, 2014

I'm a huge (ginormously gigantic) fan of journals. Not necessarily journalling, per se, but journals.  And pens.  And cute little cloth-covered push pins.  And pastel file folders.  And sticky notes.  Ok, my secret shame is office supplies. My husband will often find me in the office supply section of big box stores hemming and hawing and ogling the notebooks and journals, pens, writing paper, pencil crayons, and just about anything else "office-y" or organizational.  I don't know what it is about it all - I'm attracted to the colours, the shapes and the opportunities that lay in a really good pen or an empty sheet of paper.  (I could start my novel in this very notebook!!!)   There's also something about writing - not typing - something important out onto a paper with a pen or pencil.  I feel as if I'm more connected, more in tune with my words when I'm physically using a pen and paper for my ideas and thoughts.  I like the smell of the ink, the smudges on my fingers and hands and the accomplishment of the pages and pages of words, printed or cursive, done in my own imperfect handwriting.  I've created something!  I've put three thoughts together!  Yay for me.

 I'm also a big one for lists, especially for things I need to do and remember.  I have scraps of paper scattered everywhere that I lose and find again and I have pages of notebooks devoted to "Things To Do" and "Things To Remember".  It's complicated simplicity at it's best because at any given moment in time I can have several journals going, and usually have no idea which one I've written down the information I'm needing in this or that moment.  In addition to the books I've got going, I also usually have several notebooks waiting in the wings (and several used ones that I'm keeping close to me until the day that I die.  I've left my husband strict instructions to burn them to a charred crisp as some of those thoughts must never see the light of day.)  So, right now, there are 3 journals on the go, and 4 more waiting.  I love every single one of them - they're all pretty and functional in one way or another and I'm looking forward to the days when I will finish the ones I'm using and start the ones that are waiting.  I just have to write way more than I am - and faster!.

Going Journal #1 is for all things holy.  It's my adoration, prayer journal-book, if you will.  I write all the thoughts I have about religious matters in there.  It's a cute little ringed book, orangey-brown in colour with brighter orangey-pink flowers and lime green leaves on the cover.  It has one of two bible quotes on each page - the first one is Philippians 4:6 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God", and the second one is Ecclesiastes 3:1, "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."  I like them both.  I'm almost exactly half-way through this book.

Going Journal #2 is my writing journal.  It's a plain old composition book with a black and white striped cover….pretty standard really.  In this one I write random thoughts, notes from online classes, notes from books I'm reading or whole articles I've thought up on the fly.  I also tape in cool pictures or articles I've found elsewhere that I've liked or felt might come in handy at one point or another.  It's basically a catch all for anything I feel like.  I'm three-quarters of the way through this one.

Going journal #3 is my "work" book - for all things work related.  I bring it with me just about everywhere I go and it has two years worth of notes and important information in there.  There is a slight problem with finding the right information when I need it, but that's why I have cute little apple-shaped sticky notes.  I thought I lost it once…Y I K E S.  This one only has a few pages before it's completely full so I must figure out how to use up the pages quickly.  Muse…come to me.

Waiting journal #1 is very cute.  It's a smaller, fatter, ringed and lined journal with a bright pink plastic see-through cover.  It's something called a "recycled notebook" that I've had for a while now and wondering if I'm going to use it for my holy-journal or my catch all journal.  It's sort of small for both.

Waiting journal #2 is also very cute.  It's large and ringed, white with classy black flowers on the cover that remind me of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.  All it needs is a little red lipstick and some finger waves and it's good to go!  The pages also have the same black flowers on each corner.  Definitely a contender for "very next one to use".

Waiting journals #3 and #4 are similar: both are leatherette (or faux leather) journals, about the same size.  One is lime green and one is black.  I'm thinking either will be good for my work book as they look a tad bit more professional than the others.  And you know, a gal can't look UN-professional when she's at work.

Are your eyeballs falling out yet?  Are you bored out of your tree?  Well I'll refrain (most gallantly) from telling you all about the writing paper I love - or the pens!!!  Suffice it to say I'm still someone who writes, and appreciates, a hand-written card here and there.  Pen-and-paper writing is actually a dying art, but one that speaks to a slower, simpler time when folks knew how to express themselves with honesty, clarity and class - rather than in 160 character blurbs and "LOL's".   I rather aspire to be classy like the ladies gone before me in the days of yore, expressing myself clearly and honestly.  And all I'm saying is that I do that WAYYYYY better when it's in a fancy book.


  1. I can so relate.. my fav store The Papery in Ottawa.. could spend hours in there.. and did :)

    1. Oh my goodness Olga, you're speaking my language!!!!

  2. *sigh* I have many happy memories of browsing the shelves of The Papery. One of the few drawbacks to living in Sohoe is that it doesn't have such a store.

  3. I just cannot believe this. I wrote almost this-exact-post to put on my little 'writing blog' a few days ago, but didn't finish it (it's still filed away in case I ever get back to it). I had pretty much the same list of well loved items, and confessed that if I ever want to impulse buy, I'd rather head to a office supply store than anywhere else. :)

    1. Which just goes to prove that we're sisters from another mother Nancy!



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