June 11, 2014

First off, I just have to share this with you.  I don't know whether the Spirit descended upon me on Pentecost in the form of the most popular worship songs of 2014 but I. Cannot. Stop.  I have listened to this list of worship songs now a hundred times, and am learning them all word by word.  They're heartfelt and can get you thinking about the Lord while you're doing the dishes or changing a diaper.  Listen. Pray. Enjoy.  

For all you Millennials (ok, maybe for everyone else) out there - a great post from the NYTimes on how living ironically can really hurt not only yourself, but those around you and the culture in general.  A good reminder for those of us living in fear of showing ourselves, fear of being truly present to the moment that living wholeheartedly is essential to being happy and well-adjusted human beings.  

So when you're able to identify how you're deeply you're living within a veil of irony, you'll be happy to have this - a whole mess of "educational and social guidance films" circa 1950.  It's fascinating and truly educational, answering important questions like "how do I ask a girl out on a date" or "am I ready for marriage."

And another interesting link: an informative list of Catholic resources on the web, from the Vatican to mommy blogs to decent film guides.  I've bookmarked it and anticipate using it frequently.

For your daily dose of inspiration and meditation, here's a few thoughts from one of our favourite writers here at The Feminine Gift, Caryll Houselander.  In this letter, she exhorts us to stop trying to find a solution to every little detail in our lives because sometimes, there is no "answer" except for suffering through our trials.

Another one of our favourite writer philosophers?  Alice von Hildebrand.  Here she does an interview on a popular series called Socrates in the City talking about - you guessed it - men and women.  Got an hour to spare?  Make yourself a pot of tea, sit back, relax and allow her genius to infuse yours.

You know how much I love tea, right?  I helped to host a Victorian Tea Party a few years ago and put on another one this year for our students, replete with pearls, tea cake, a fascinator and musical and poetic talents.  I found this gem of a site with recipes for 10 tea sandwiches which I'll be using for the next tea party.  Because there will be a next time.

And last, but certainly not least, it is election day in Ontario tomorrow (June 12) and what a choice we have.  Whether you vote by party, by leader, by individual or by issue, the pickin's (in my estimation) are slim.  In case you're not sure where you stand on the "spectrum", here's an interesting political compass for you.  Answer some questions and they'll slot you in.  And make sure you do your civic duty and vote tomorrow!

**By the way, you might have noticed that we've re-instituted the anti-spam "type-in-this-number" thingy when you make a comment.  We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we simply got tired of deleting the thousands of silly spammy comments.  I mean, how many times do I have to say no to "your website that will help me lose weight with apples"?


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