April 2, 2014
The Golden Hour
I've seen a column in a magazine called Five Simple Things. Every month the magazine features five random little things that make the editors happy. It reminds me that as nice as a river cruise through Europe would be, it really is the simple things in life that bring happiness.

So, in the spirit of gratitude, here are my Five Simple Things:

Sunshine when it's 7.30 at night.

That time of day I call The Golden Hour, when the world is washed in aged pinks and golds.

A book so engrossing I'm thinking about it during the day while I work.


A perfect cup of tea.

What are your simple things?


  1. Tulips.
    The sound of a fan.
    Hot baths.
    Weekend naps.
    A cup of tea.

  2. Carly! I love a weekend nap... or two. A hot bath often hits the spot, too.
    We're like sisters, we have so much in common (except for cheese, which is such a shame)



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