March 9, 2014
Hooking up today with Fine Linen and Purple because I liked what I was wearing this (Sprung-ahead) morning.  

Don't mind the glasses-reflection - it was a gorgeously sunny day!
This was me today, looking all Lenten and penitential.  

Sweater: Thrifted Gap
Skirt: Thrifted Armour Jeans
Long sleeved Shirt - Thrifted Aeropostale
Scarf: Yasser Arafat's Middle East Collection (Meaning - Thrifted, no name)
Boots: Cheap no name, bought at some discount shoe store

You're probably asking, does this chick buy anything new?  

Yep.  At Christmastime.  

And this past Christmas I realized that I get better quality, cheap, cool stuff at second hand stores more than anywhere else.  It's one of my many gifts.

Happy 1st Sunday of Lent!


  1. I love your outfit. I'm big into thrifting too...I get the best clothes that way and it's so much fine to find a treasure at bargain prices

  2. Too funny, at mass this morning I thought, I hope that Sarah does a WIWS in that outfit! Hannah also commented that you and I were dressed alike this morning, jean skirts.

    1. E - I really liked your outfit this morning too - that purple sweater over the polka dots. Loved it.

  3. Some day, PLEASE, woman, take me shopping. I am in such a fashion rut and you always look splendid.

  4. That scarf is fabulous and I love the color of your cardigan! Lovely :)



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