March 26, 2014

A few years back I found a bunch of "old" books by Bishop Sheen.  It's been my experience that everything I read of his is either 1) Funny, 2) Profound, 3) Beautifully explained or 4) All of the above.

Usually, it's #4.

And even now, several years later I still feel the same way.  I have gone back to read the article I quote in my post over and over because it just keeps making good sense.  That man was a fantastic writer and an even more fantastic thinker and I especially love it when he takes on "women's issues" and feminism.

So check out Fulton J. Sheen when you get a minute - my post on women and careers, or even listen to a few of his television shows on you tube.  You won't be sorry you did.


  1. “Who is going to save
    our Church. Don’t look to the priests, don’t look to the bishops. Its up to you the laity to
    teach our priests to be priests and our bishops to be bishops.” Fulton Sheen



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