March 12, 2014

**Today's post comes from a friend of mine, Angela, who, in a fit of creativity, wrote this beautiful letter to some friends.  She generously agreed to share it with you, our readers.**

My dear friends, 
I just wanted to share with you some beautiful thoughts I had from my little prayer time today, which has resulted in my Lenten preparation for Easter. It began with a profound moment during my son’s schoolwork as we prayed his Morning Offering:
"Oh my God, I offer you all my works, joys, prayers, and sufferings of this day…"
It hit me strong the word and thought of offering God my joys. While I'm struggling to find something to really focus on and offer up for Lent, (other than my secret binges of chocolate which fill up my late afternoon nursing-based cravings), I realized I can and should offer Him up all the joys in my day, and purposefully using them as a thank you to God and to improve my "attitude of gratitude".
Maybe it's just me, but I've found it hard for us nursing and pregnant moms (or anyone else who cannot physically fast) to find something to offer up in Lent. Selfishly it seems like our entire days as mothers are spent offering things up (our sleep, quiet time, organization of the house, a trip to the restroom) all in serving our households.
So for all the nursing and pregnant moms out there I encourage you to do the same this Lent: to relish in, and be thankful and to offer up all the joys we have in our day.
These awesome moments are miracles in our daily lives.  Whether it's in:
Holding our children
Greeting our hubbies with a kiss after he returns from work
Feeling our unborn babies move
Cherishing our husbands smile from across the dinner table
Seeing our children and their joy of life
Stealing that long-awaited hug from our men after the kids (finally) go to sleep
We have so many joys!
And just like our suffering, Jesus wants these joys to be offered back to Him.  They please His heart and they heal His precious wounds.
So this Lent, as we meditate on the Passion and awesome self-giving of our Savior, let us rejoice and thank Him for our many, many blessings.  Well I can, and will, make more time for my prayer life, and I will replace those chocolate hunger binges with a sandwich, I definitely know this Lent I am going to purposefully offer Him up all my joys!
Happy Lent! 40 great days are ahead! Love Angela


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