March 6, 2014
Closed doors can be disappointing. Sometimes they are discouraging. Though we try to be abandoned to God’s will, I think we all find ourselves at times practically bargaining with God, fingers spiritually crossed, hoping for a favourable answer.

I’ve been in those situations. There have been things I’ve really wanted and could come up with all kinds of good reasons why God should grant His assent – like winning the lottery. A house! For my family! I’d give money to charity! A lot of money! Surely that is something a loving father would agree was a good idea, no?

More recently I had a very real need. I was out of work in a field struggling to stay viable in an economically depressed region. A position came up in the next town over that was a perfect fit – it had the exact same profile as my last job. To me it looked perfect – there couldn’t have been a better match. I could have gone from finishing one job on Tuesday and starting the new one on Wednesday.

Both scenarios resulted in a no. The door was firmly closed. The lottery, nice as it would have been, was not a big deal, but the job? That was tough. If it had been for me to decide, I would have taken it. It just made sense; I needed a job and here was a seemingly perfect one, all lined up for me. Instead, I was without work for a month, which should have been impossible for me to survive because the financial math didn’t add up.

We’ve all heard that when God closes a door He opens a window. I’ve learned that I don’t always see the window because I’m still looking for a door. When God’s answer doesn’t resemble the answer we were hoping for, we may not recognize it as a window – His response, His provision. It’s only when we’re abandoned to God’s will, that we are able to see His reply in the moment (hindsight provides better vision).

While I didn’t get the job, money arrived that I’d forgotten to expect just when I needed it (God’s windows seldom open before their time), and all my needs were met, so not only were my financial worries taken care of, but I had a month of holiday! Another opportunity has presented itself, and I begin a new job next week, thanks be to God. I wonder where this door will take me?


  1. Dont' you know that thinking to much about God's providence can make you crazy in the head. Not that it's a bad thing but like they sing in AA "One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus." Dont ask how I know what they sing at their meetings. Anyway I hope everything works out for you Tess with the job and all im sure it will. God willing.

  2. One day at a time is how I mentally survived a month of uncertainty. AA might be on to something there!
    Thanks, Matthew.



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