December 4, 2013


It's a chilly, greyish day here in Sohoe today. There is actually snow on the ground, and I hear slush as cars drive by my window.  So I'm setting aside more serious and sober affairs to indulge in a cup of spiced gingerbread tea, and a glossy British design mag (Living etc.).
And now to dream....
What are your Leaves today?


  1. For the first time in a long time, this morning I felt like coffee. And I'm reading a stack of books, all at the same time…including a re-read of Alice von Hildebrand's Privilege of Being a Woman and Brene Brown's Daring Greatly.

  2. Sarah! I just about fell out of my chair reading that you were drinking coffee! How often does that happen?
    Oh, but how I love a stack of books! You've got some good ones in your pile, and I wish I could make a gift of many hours of interruption-free reading to you.

    1. I know, right. Coffee? Really? But true story. Felt like coffee yesterday morning. *shrug*

  3. I've been greatly enjoying Silk Dragon Jasmine tea by David's Tea lately. A generous friend gave me a gift of different samplers from David's Tea and the aforementioned is by far the best.

    RIght now I am making my way through "Adam and Eve after the Pill" by Mary Eberstadt. This is really one of the best pieces of non-fiction I have gotten my hands on ever. I highly recommend it!

    (Also, full disclosure: the reason I chose to comment was because I am so excited to have a more interesting tea to write about than straight up Red Rose!)

    1. I think I'm a David's customer for life. I love their teas. Like, a lot.

  4. today it was Buffy's own mix of mint Leaves with her own honey and I want to say wow to Sarah's stack of books, not just for reading them all at once but AvonH amongst the pile, quite a feat.. I am nose deep into Lermontov "Princess Ligovskaya"



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