October 21, 2013
I have come across some truly fabulous articles and blog posts lately!  They're the types of posts that make me wish I was a better writer, a better thinker...an all round better person.  Allow me to share:

A few weeks ago a friend approached me with an idea that'd been simmering around in my brain - lets get our female students together for a 'how to be elegant and feminine' seminar.  A few of us got together and brainstormed and came up with a three part series.  When I started looking around for resources and ideas, Mary Boctor's blog Atelier was a standout.  She's got such great style, and has an easy way of relating that I clicked onto her blog three days ago and I haven't clicked off it yet.  She also linked to this blog post on a different website which is all about skin tone and colouring, which I found immensely helpful and the bones of which I will use for our little seminar.  Incidentally I'm told that Mary is a Steubenville graduate and even though I don't think we knew each other then, we FUS alumni have to stick together.

Another Steubie grad who I've had the pleasure of re-discovering is Emily Stimpson.  She's written several articles which I have thoroughly enjoyed - this one about what the Church really thinks about women, and this one about saints who are girls.  By all means go ahead and read all of her other stuff too, but I found these two posts exceptionally good.  

On an entirely different note, the last couple of months my husband and I have been following a pretty strict nutritional plan - we've dropped most starches, and have been feasting on one quarter protein and three quarters fruit and vegetables at just about every meal (or trying to, at least).  It's not easy going, but the results are worth the difficulty.  That being said, hello my name is Sarah and I am a sugar-holic.  I was craving sugar so badly at times I was frantically searching through the cupboards for anything remotely resembling something containing sugar.  (For future reference, bakers chocolate is not in the least bit sweet).  But These saved me.  I will grant you, they're nothing like the yummy, gooey, quadruple chocolate brownies you and I are used to, but they smell, taste and have the texture of a brownie, and there's not a lick of flour or refined sugar in them, so I will eat them.  With gusto.  And they take care of the craving...and for that, I couldn't be more grateful. 

Remember Joshua Harris?  Some of you that are my age (mid-thirties) might remember him as the author of the controversial books, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" and "Boy Meets Girl".  Well he's back and grown up a little bit.  He's posted an article he found in a home educators magazine which honestly challenges the motives of every parent.  It's not an easy article to read - but I it made me think.

Ever been setting the table and wonder if the wine glass goes above the fork?  Or where the large spoon and the small spoon actually go?  Well here's a little visual reminder.  I'm pretty sure the only thing I'm absolutely sure of when and how to use is the napkin, but hey.  Our lives have been pretty busy these last few weeks so one day this week I'm going to set out a full table for my husband and I.  Want to join me?

And lastly...feeling like you wanna have a good cry?  Check this out.  I couldn't help myself it's so sweet. 


  1. THank you, I'm flattered! When were you at Franciscan? I graduated in 2007 (I was a bit of a late bloomer : ), and I was a transfer student so I wasn't there the full four.

    1. Mary - you have a great blog!! I graduated in 1999 (eeks, am I that old???). I was also a transfer and was only there for 3 years. Good to "meet" you though.

  2. I've been enjoying Emily Stimpson's writing, too. I've got her Catholic girl's survival guide to the single years which was helpful and fun reading.
    I'd love to join you for dinner! Please do be careful to not mix up the dessert spoon with the tea spoon, will you?



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