September 25, 2013
The Gospel reading on Sunday was of the shrewd steward who went to his master's debtors and forgave portions of what they owed.

This is one of those readings I'm always glad to have explained to me because I know I'm missing the point.  

Father did a nice job of it, and though I promise you I was paying attention, I don't remember how he went from talking about that steward and money, to how we spend our time.

Ah, yes... spending time. Father happened upon a subject I've been pondering for a while now. You see, dear Reader, I am not a very good steward of my time. I tend to two extremes: either squandering it, or being miserly with it. I am a good procrastinator (it is true we are all good at something) but am not always a canny prioritizor. This means I'm often stressing late at night in order to meet a deadline, while losing hours to cooking clips on YouTube.

Which makes me realize I've been buying a lot of kitchen stuff lately. Have I expanded my collection of pans from two to five because I'm trying to cook more, or because I've been seeing a lot of cool gadgets online? There is probably an element of both to my more frequent visits to the cookware section. Just as late night tv gives you the munchies from all the snack ads (I almost said sneak ads), I'm quite sure what I've been exposed to has encouraged me to covet cool gadgets of my own.

I realized, too, that the ways I've been choosing to spend my time preclude other choices. When I sit down with Facebook, for example, I'm not sitting down with a flesh and blood friend who might like the company. Getting lost in email delays my prayer time until, before I know it, my head has hit the pillow and another day has flown by.

I know I spend time in dead end, or empty activities – things that take from me - and it stops right there. My expenditure doesn't go onward in a positive or creative way. Compare that to other activities I like to do: writing letters, making cards, crocheting, reading, going for walks in the countryside. Those are somehow creative... giving... alive. What I put into them carries on, like a wise investment of capital.

Father's homily coincided nicely with my growing desire to make changes to what I do with time. I think I see, too, how this points back to the Gospel and being shrewd stewards of money as well.

Spend wisely.


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