August 21, 2013
Hello dear reader. Welcome to our New Look!

We talked about making changes, thought about what changes to make, investigated options for changes, walked right up to the edge of making changes for a long time. A really long time. We made the leap some time ago into something Blogger calls Dynamic Views which appealed to us because of the variety of ways a reader could choose to experience our site and none of them looked typically 'bloggy'.  To our dismay, we started getting feedback from people that they were experiencing difficulty either accessing the site, or submitting comments.

Quelle nightmare!

While at the Dynamic Women of  Faith conference, a very kind person offered to help us migrate from Blogger to Wordpress, and while the idea was tempting - to avoid the glitches that crop up at times with Blogger - we dreaded unforeseen issues.  So with Blogger we remain.

However, something had to be done about the accessibility issues as well as finding a template we could be happy representing us. We wanted pretty, but not too pretty; feminine without being girly; subtle yet interesting; and over all clean and simple and easy to navigate.

Off we went to Etsy, and wouldn't you know? There are so many women offering their design skills and technical expertise with many hundreds of blog templates to choose from. We found the very thing we were looking for at a shop called La Designerie.

There is one more person to acknowledge: Ted Treleaven at Big Orange Designs created our beautiful logo. Thank you, Ted!

We hope The Feminine Gift is now a lovely, friendly, easy to navigate place of respite for you on the internet. There are many (so many) options for ways to link up with us (the cute brown button at the bottom right of each post will reveal every one of those options) and the comment box is as easy as pie.

And so begins the third chapter of The Feminine Gift, as we continue to rediscover the feminine heart together.


  1. It looks beautiful! And much easier to navigate now.

  2. Thank you so much, Mrs. Poland!

    Yes, very much easier to navigate, and greatly needed.

  3. I love this one A LOT better!!! Oozing with femininity!!!!! (and technical simplicity ;)

  4. Thank you Anna Elissa; that's exactly what we were going for!

    I took a look at your blog, and enjoyed the description of your visit to Canada during the winter. It's nice to meet you, and welcome to The Feminine Gift!



What is a woman? What does it mean to be feminine? There is softness and hardness, compassion and ferocity. There is contentment and adventure, freedom and service. We're conundrums, especially to ourselves, but we all, in some way, possess beauty, creativity, intuition and love. We were made for love, and we are loved, cellulite and all. Here we aim to show every woman the richness and beauty of her own femininity and explore current issues relating to women in our world. We also wish to share our own experiences - exploring the joys and challenges of stay-at-home moms and single professionals and everyone in between. Welcome! So glad you're here!


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