July 17, 2013
"So by their concern is our weakness greatly helped."  ~CCC956

Saints will recommend themselves to me sometimes.  I will hear about one, and his or her name will just keep coming back to me over the course of a day or two.  Last week it was St. Henry II, German ruler and Holy Roman Emperor, and someone I'd never heard of before.  He was son of Duke Henry II (The Quarrelsome...wow, let me never be known by a name like that!) and married a woman named Cunegunda, who was also declared a saint.  Legend has it they had a Josephite Marriage, dedicating their lives to doing good works - and both of them desiring to enter the religious life at different points in their lives.  Two days before his feast day I happened to open my daily calendar to the pages of saints listed by their patronage.  I was amazed at the sheer number of saints dedicated to women in one way or another - and by the specific needs they addressed.  For example, St. Henry II is patron of the childless while St. Rita of Cascia is patron of those who desire children and St. Anne is patron of childless women.  Slightly different words, fairly large difference in meaning.  So on this hot and humid Wednesday - perhaps one of these saints will recommend themselves to you?

St. Rita of Cascia - Patron of desire for children, desperate/hopeless cases, infertility, parenthood, abused wives, grieving mothers

St. Anne - Patron of childless women, housewives, women in labour and mothers

St. Henry II - Patron of the childless, handicapped 

John Francis Regis - Patron of marriage

St. Catherine of Sweden - Patron of miscarriages

St. Nicholas of Tolentino - Patron of mothers and motherhood

St. Gerard Majella - Patron of mothers, childbirth and pregnant women

St. Monica - Patron of mothers

St. Raymond Nonnatus - Patron of pregnant women and women in labour/childbirth

St. Margaret (or Marina) - Patron of childbirth and pregnant women.  Fierce woman - check out how she's taking a hammer to the devil!

St. Basilissa and St. Giles - Patron of nursing mothers

St. Bibiana - Patron of single women

St. Maria Goretti - Patron of teenagers (especially girls)

St. Nicholas of Bari - Patron of unmarried women

St. Erasmus and St. Leonard of Noblac - Patrons of childbirth

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  1. St. Raymond Nonnatus - I didn't know about him until I watched Call the midwife. The nuns and nurses live at Nonnatus House.
    And St. Margaret with her hammering the devil? That is so very cool. Isn't that exactly what childbirth - the bringing forth of new life - is? A hammer on the head of the devil. Take that, ol' nasty pants!

    Nice selection, Miss Sarah.



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