July 24, 2013
Hat fashions, 1956.
Contributed by guest writer Alexa Bulman

Odd Title you may say. What do I mean by being feminine in a masculine world? Well let me tell you ladies, we live in a society that has set women 'free', free to look and act like a man! Hooray we have proved we are better than men by trying to imitate them in their clothes, jobs, walk, and language. But wait! By saying women have to be men are we not tearing down our sex? By saying that the role of mother and homemaker is so boring, brainless, and unimportant we have not only ripped apart the home but the cell of society, which is the family. Woman is the heart of the family, and without her presence within the home, the family breaks down.

The woman of 2013 is told by feminists such as Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan that a woman is just like a man, she needs to stop being chained in the kitchen and free to be a doctor, lawyer, and police officer.  But the truth is women have been trying to take on masculine roles only to find that they have to distort their bodies, emotions and the rules to make it work. Women wanting to be firefighters just doesn't work. Why?  Well one reason, according to the publication LA Weekly, "Firefighters pull heavy lengths of hose, climb stairs while wielding giant power tools like chain saws, and lift 180-pound, 35-foot wooden ladders — akin to carrying a concrete lamppost. Firefighters' physicians say that a human expected to pull the heaviest hose lines must weigh at least 143 pounds. And that's just for starters. "Less than 10 percent body fat was not enough," says Mary, a woman firefighter  who purposely gained 15 pounds of muscle to achieve the bulk she needed."There have been occasional charges of some departments lowering standards so that they could hire more women. In 2005, Laura Chick (the LA City Controller) stated in a report that Fire Chief Bamattre rolled back physical requirements and ordered that women be passed even if they failed their tests."
Women are not the same as men!! It's not that women can't be in the workforce; they can if they are single or out of necessity for their families. Women make an important contribution to the workforce.

But women work best when they act like women. Fulton Sheen in his book 'The World's First Love' says the problem with modern woman in the workforce is that she has been: "Insisting on equality with man not in the spiritual sense but only as the right to be a competitor with him in the economic field...This is not to condemn woman’s place in economic life, but only to condemn the failure to live up to those creative and inspiring functions, which are specifically feminine."
So what makes women special and different from men? For one thing women are always meant to be mothers. This is their primary vocation. Even if they are single they can still be spiritual mothers. John Paul II in his encyclical 'Mulieris Dignitatem'  says Motherhood is linked to the personal structure of the woman and to the personal dimension of the gift.”   Edith Stein in her 'Essays on Woman' says the vocation of mother, “Belongs essentially to the woman in any role she may play single, married or religious and the education of woman should be such that she should be prepared to take on any of these roles.”

Women cannot find their fulfilment within society without accepting their integral vocation, to motherhood. So when women go out and do jobs that go against their inherent nature to nurture, cherish and develop a human being they find they have to try and be something they are not. Or they have to have the standards lowered for them because they can't be a man.  Women are not meant to  conquer, protect and defend. It's not because women are weak - it's simply because we are not made physically, spiritually or mentally for that purpose. A man's body is stronger, his mind is less emotional, his soul is less in tune to the needs of other people. Why? Because man is meant to support and defend  the woman physically, and the woman is meant to support and defend the man spiritually. 

Women are naturally more spiritual, refined and caring. Women are created with the same gifts as men to understand, enjoy, and create, yet women use them differently, particularly in the enjoyment of creatures, because of women's role in procreation.

Edith Stein says, "Her body and soul are fashioned less to fight and to conquer, than to cherish, guard, and preserve. [...] She seems more capable than man of feeling a more reverent joy in creatures; moreover, such joy requires a particular kind of perception of the good, different from [man’s] rational perception, in being an inherent spiritual function and a singularly feminine one."

Fulton Sheen says women can restore society when it becomes disordered and materialistic, because she restores respect for the personality by her sacrificial love and bond with people. Fulton Sheen explains the way woman loves and forms bonds with people is that she, "Identifies love with existence and scatters her self-oblation through life. By multiplying her sacrifices, she seems to be less of a hero. Her daily dissipation of vital energies in the service of others makes no one act seem outstanding."

Finally, motherhood does not weaken women, nor is it a brainless occupation. It is a full time job that nurtures and respects another human being. It is a huge responsibility that has been given to women not because we are less then man, but because we are perhaps a little more blessed. 
Pro life. Pro family. Pro God.
 To be a mother is the greatest gift. Woman is blessed to bear and nurture a unique individual within her very body and her soul --  a privilege that is reserved for the woman alone. Of course man aids his own children, but he is left outside the physical and in a sense the spiritual beginning of his child that is reserved to the woman. 

I agree with the great G.K. Chesterton in his work 'What's Wrong with the World'  when he says:
“The truth is that woman always varies, and that is exactly why we always trust her. To correct every adventure and extravagance with its antidote in common sense.[...] if drudgery only means dreadfully hard work, I admit the woman drudges in the home. [...] a woman’s function is laborious but because it is gigantic, not because it is minute. I will pity Mrs. Jones for the hugeness of her task; I will never pity her for its smallness.” 

So you may be asking how then do women bring back Femininity in a Masculine world? By simply being a woman, that is if you're a married mother then be a physical mother and wife. The role of mother is truly irreplaceable and is a great challenge. The truth is women didn't find the role of mother unfulfilling, they found it difficult and a  job in the outside world sounded a whole lot easier then nurturing and tending to the needs of little people. But the truth is, working mothers are trying to fulfill in the jobs what they can only fulfill in their role as a mother. 

If you're a  married woman with no children, then be a support to your husband, take on a job that requires understanding, love and a particular innate insight of people's lives, such as teaching, nursing, or anything else that requires personal contact with an individual. Be a spiritual mother to your nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, children in your community.

 For the single woman, the same applies to you as the married woman with no children (minus the supporting your husband.) Help the frazzled stay at home moms in your area that need help with their kids, whether it's cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids, or just lending an ear - be there. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, a hospital, a senior's home, or help out with the Pro-Life mission.  These people are the forgotten of our society and they need mothers who will love and fight for them as only a mother can. 

Make time for the best Man you will ever have in your life, Christ. Being single for a little while longer then other women is really a blessing in many ways. Your Beloved is giving you more time to love Him and Him alone so take advantage of that time. He is asking you to seek Him with a woman's heart and give Him a woman's love 

Being a woman is a privilege, not a punishment, and it's time we take back our femininity and stop imitating men. We are made for the same end as men, but we are meant to get their by using different gifts.

Gladys Cooper, 1912.


  1. Hooray for this! It's wonderful!

  2. wonderful article!!!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. My only question is that what do you do if there is a girl who doesn't share your values about women being protected and there is no man around to protect you from her? That could be a bad situation for you.



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