June 21, 2013

Wonder. Awe. Inspiration.

Being by open water imparts calm and allows my awareness to expand.

The soft green haze of tender young leaves in the spring inspires delight and brings the reassurance of new life.

A clear blue sky lifts the spirits and diminishes any worry.

Seeing a fiery sunset, all orange, pink, and crimson makes me feel exultant, triumphant.

The Adoration Chapel, where I sit before the King of Kings restores, stills, refreshes.

Wonders. Miracles. Reminders.

They nourish us, fill us, lift us; remind us that we are Creature, amidst Creation. The Creator, great artist that He is, has left signs, love letters for us to find. He speaks to our hearts through the works of His hands.

Women are integrated – mind, body, and soul all together – and so our environment effects our internal being. For many of us, life is full of activity, noise, expectations, obligations.  I really believe that even extroverted urban-dwellers need moments of quiet and awe; invitations to reconnect with the Almighty; opportunities for contemplation.

For me, those moments, invitations, and opportunities seem to come from natural beauty: trees, lakes, rivers, pebbles, snails, clouds. Where do you find your love letters?


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