June 3, 2013

Have you ever been witness to a woman loudly castigating her husband in the middle of the cereal aisle of the grocery store?  My husband has.  He once saw (and heard) a woman practically screaming at her husband - and the husband just stood there and took it.  When my husband walked by this poor man, the guy gave my husband a knowing little shrug.  It was sort of like he was saying, "Women.  We're all stuck with them.  Can't live with them.  Can't live without them."  

I most certainly do not agree.

A long while back our fearless spiritual leader (Fr. Adam) emailed this article to us asking what we thought - and we found the article so thought-provoking that we decided to post a link to it for all of you, for your ponderings.

So ponder away my friends.


  1. Helloo Sarah!
    I thought the article was fantastic! I would also add that when people act out (chronically), it is a cry for help and the person most likely needs to flesh some internal turmoil out either in counseling or spiritual directing (or sometimes both). I think, and this is just my opinion, that today many lack good communication. Meaning, not being able to express our feelings in a productive way, and also not being able to express them to another person. It is hard to read and respond to others when you cannot even read yourself.
    Another thought I had was that a lack of communication between people always stunts love because there is more of a focus on "I" and instead of "we." It is easy to get stuck on "I" when you don't know who "I" really is, and therefore cannot express your true self. I hope this makes sense!

    I love this blog, you ladies are so inspirational, thank you for being who are you!

    God's peace,

    1. Emily - thanks so much for your encouragement!! And you know, my husband and I had a conversation about being able to know yourself just the other day. We spend our lives trying to figure out our own complexities as human beings, and we still fail at it. Then there's the whole problem of productively expressing ourselves...which is a whole other can of worms. You could know yourself really really well, and been taught terrible communication skills - and you're still in the position of this woman at Panera. But the inner peace and interpersonal contentment that comes from counselling/spiritual direction or both is definitely worth the effort!!!

  2. Good reminder. So many of us have never been taught how we should act: that modesty in speech is important and actually empowering. These ar hard lessons that I feel I have only begun to learn.

    1. SO SO important, isn't it? We've got these ingrained ways of thinking and acting...and I assume that everyone knows exactly what I mean when I say things. Haha.

    2. I actually just confessed that tonight at SD.

  3. I remember one Sunday at Mass when I was quite young my bishop said the following statement, "One of the problems with today's generation is that the men have become wimps and the women have become dragons".

    Excellent article. Thank-you for posting.



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