May 5, 2013
It is 26 degrees out today.  For my American neighbours to the south, that's about 80 degrees.  And considering it's been cold up until 3 days ago, this is such a nice change.  Tee's instead of sweaters.  Capri's instead of jeans.  Yay!!!!

So I'm linking up with WIWS on Messy Wife, Blessed Life today - mostly because I wore one of my FAVE outfits.

Errrr...don't take the picture yet, I said...

Alright, I know it looks like I'm closing my eyes, but I'm really not.

Here's the lowdown:

Jean shirt: Gap - thrifted so many years ago that I almost threw it out last month, but thankfully put it back in my closet and now I wear it all the time.

White/grey shirts:  Have no idea of brand or when/where I got them.  Plain white tee's...

Skirt: No name - thrifted.  It's actually a strapless dress, but the fabric is so stretchy it fits me as a maxi skirt and I love it!!

Necklace: Le Chateau bought for FULL PRICE...$20.  I know, it hurt me too.  But I've been wanting this colour and this style necklace and for some odd reason, couldn't find exactly what I wanted (for the right-ish price).

Earrings: Zellers closing sale

Sandals: Soft Moc $40 sale.  Loved these so much last summer that I bought another pair in the fall - for this summer.  I'm going to wear these until I can't wear 'em no more and then I've got a whole other pair. Yay.

**And on a totally unrelated note - we've been trying to get a link-up working for ourselves (we're doing a Book and Tea link up called Leaves) but it doesn't seem to work very well.  Can anybody give us suggestions as to why?  We signed up with Linky-somthing-or-other and the "linky's" don't work so we gave up on it and just went with regular comments, but we'd like to actually link up.

**Also, in case you didn't get a chance to, sign up for our Book Giveaway which happens tomorrow (Monday) morning!


  1. Beautiful, Sarah! Awesome skirt, and to pair it with that great jean jacket is probably something I wouldn't have thought to do myself, but I love love love it! :D

  2. So cute! I love your necklace!

  3. Denim jacket/button-up day! High-fives!

  4. Such a great outfit; feminine, modest, and trendy! Perfection!

    I just love when I can hack an article of clothing and turn it into something else. I have for sure worn a "dress" as a skirt in the past!

  5. You look great! A great denim shirt never goes out of style, glad you kept it! And I love the necklace, it makes everything "pop" :)

  6. That outfit is awesome!! I wish I could just buy it from you (no really).

  7. You look gorgeous, my dear! Love those colours (especially teal). I didn't even know Le Chateau was still around. I remember buying stuff there back when babydoll dresses and Doc Martens were the thing. I think I might have even bought a mood ring from them back in the day! Love the bubble necklace. I wonder if I could pull one of those off with a nursing baby? Probably not!

  8. totally crushing on that necklace and the shoes and the skirt! love this combo...just fabulous my friend. happy sunday!

  9. I really love that necklace. I've been wanting one like that myself, but unless it falls out of the sky for free, that will be on my perpetual wish list! I also love jean jackets/skirts and I think your combo goes so great with your necklace!



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