May 16, 2013
 The line has been drawn and the boundaries seem be creeping closer all the time.

As Christians we try to guard against the errors of the world, especially where our children are concerned. But internet, television, and print media – even books – bring the world right into our homes and schools and workplaces.

There is no need for me to list the latest outrages against morality and decency; you are as aware of them as I am.  You’ve experienced discomfort seeing the tabloids in the supermarket while shopping with little ones. You’ve cringed at the horrors reported on the evening news. 

Women are ideally suited to being the spiritual guardians of our families. Our defenses are vigilance and prayer. We are blessed with the maternal instinct to protect our loved ones, and a spiritual sensibility to understand what is called for in times of need. We have the wonderful example of St. Monica who prayed tirelessly for the conversion of her son. We can be like her: just as persistent with our petitions and just as trusting that God hears and answers us.

In my mind I see all of us women who gather here joined together in prayer, united in purpose. We desire to protect our family and friends. We want to support each other. And we hope for the conversion of all the world.

With the approach of the great feast of Pentecost, let us pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. May we be granted a new measure of strength and endurance. Let  us ask  for renewed wisdom and boldness. May the fire of God’s love burn away all that is not of Him within us.

Let the fire fall!
Prayer ~ by Michael O'Brien


  1. I often...that prayer is the first resort, not the last. It really does move mountains! Come Holy Spirit! And great choice of Pics T!!



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