May 27, 2013
Numero Uno.  Lately there's been much sadness the last two weeks.  First there was Timothy Bosma (for those not in Ontario - this husband and father was murdered in a senseless act of violence).  Then there was the Oklahoma Tornado - and the terrible loss of life that ensued.  In the same week, three separate families that we know have endured serious and dangerous situations with their children.  And then Zach Sobiech passed away.

Needless to say I've been feeling grey.  And sad.  There seems to be no end to it.

So it was really nice to see God feels about Storms.  Made me feel as if the world made sense again.  

Deux.  Just to lighten things up a little...

"She is an exemplar of grace that only underscores the lack of it among contemporary celebrities."

Two words.  Audrey.  Hepburn.   Audrey always makes me feel better.

C.  Check this out.  The Catholic IQ test - I got 171 out of 202...does that make me a bad Catholic?  Just because I don't know my heresy definitions and got the Judges/Kings wrong?  I'm totally giving the hard questions away.  Give it a try.  Really neat way to learn a little bit about the breadth and depth and height of our Faith.

Quatro.  We've written about modesty before - which can be a contentious issue sometimes.  So I was completely fascinated when I  found this the other day.  It's a survey given to a group of guys of all ages and walks of life about their perceptions of modesty in a lady.  It's not meant to be a stand-alone, set-in-concrete rule but I tell you, it's really interesting!

Cinqo.  And finally, in this month of Our Lady, a little something to ponder from Josemaria Escriva...

"We will share in some way in her spiritual motherhood"
Turn constantly to the most Holy Virgin, the Mother of God and Mother of the human race; and she, with a Mother's gentleness, will draw down the love of God on the souls you deal with, so that they may make up their minds to be witnesses for Jesus Christ, in their profession, in their ordinary work. (The Forge, 911)

If we become identified with Mary and imitate her virtues, we will be able to bring Christ to life, through grace, in the souls of many who will in turn become identified with him through the action of the Holy Spirit. If we imitate Mary, we will share in some way in her spiritual motherhood. And all this silently, like Our Lady; without being noticed, almost without words, through the true and genuine witness of our lives as Christians, and the generosity of ceaselessly repeating her fiat, which we renew as an intimate link between ourselves and God. (Friends of God, 281)


  1. Hey Sarah,

    That Catholic Quiz is wonderful, and a lot of fun... however, due to my slow internet the quiz skipped over six of the questions:( and then said that I was incorrect:(... so I have to try it again. However, just to say knowing the heresies is not a demonstration of being a good Catholic.

    God bless,

    1. Aw thanks Frances! I think I muffed up every single one of them...but got top marks on the "Holy Days of Obligation" and "Sacraments" type categories.



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