April 8, 2013
So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I can't think.  
I can't formulate words. 

Rather allow me to share some dates and pictures with you.
They're worth a thousand words.

1.  May 1st, 2004
Our wedding Day.
I was such a little girl then. 

I'm all growns up now.  

Stay tuned!  The story of how we met and fell in love is coming soon!

2.  May 8th, 2013
This is what I'll be doing. 
Except I'll be in Vegas.
And I'll be reading a different book.
And my dog won't be there.
And there might not be grass in Vegas.

3.  March 21st, 2013
First day of Spring.  
These I see only in my dreams.

4.  Right this moment
Remember that cute, cuddly, wuddly, wittle puppy in the above pictures?
She is shedding like a Ban Shee. 
This pile is as big as it looks like.  
Anybody have an ideas on how to eradicate dog hair without doing harm to the dog?

4.  Coming Soon: Date TBA
The dock. 
Near my house.
So peaceful, serene...
And not frozen.  



  1. Oh I am so excited for the 'how we met' story. I am girlish in my excitement and fascination towards them!

    1. I'm actually excited about writing it Jenna!! :) I love hearing about them too.

    2. I can't wait for the 'how we met' story! :D

  2. You do look incredibly young in your wedding photo!



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