March 23, 2013

Today was the day.  We were greatly blessed to be part of the fourth annual Dynamic Women of Faith conference in Toronto.

It is edifying and humbling at the same time to be in a room of... well, dynamic women of faith; women who love the Lord and His Church; women eager to nourish their spirits so they can in turn nurture their families and communities.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you who have been holding us up in prayer - thank you!

To all of you we met for the first time today, thank you for your receptivity, your affirmation, and your smiling eyes as we gave our talk.

We will put up the text of our talk on Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week.  We will also include a list of books that have taught and inspired us over the last three years.

If you would like to offer us any feedback, have suggestions for topics we can write about, or have questions for us, feel free to leave a comment here (you may have to refresh the page to access the com box) or you can write to us at

God bless you!

Sarah and Tricia (Tess)


  1. Sarah and Tess,

    I'm so pleased your talk turned out so well. Yes, we've been praying for you both and as expected our prayers were answered! I can't wait to read the transcript!

  2. Thank you, OC! YOU are a dynamic man of faith - thanks for being part of our family.

  3. Sarah and Tess,

    Great job at the Dynamic Women of Faith conference. A much needed message. It was a blessing to hear from you.


  4. Thank you, Celeste. Dorothy organized a wonderful day, and it was a privilege for us to be part of it.

  5. What a gift you two are!! Great testimony and talk! I have passed your website on to others.
    Pax Christi,
    Teresa B.



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