March 4, 2013
Maybe I've told you?  Maybe you'll agree with me when I say that I just think that Alice von Hildebrand is the awe-inspiring bomb.  She's one of my favourite philosophers/theologians/very smart people (and I don't have many) not only because she has dedicated a good portion of her life to proclaiming the amazing and sacred dignity of all women, but also because she is clear and concise when she speaks about it.

So I was totally stoked when a friend sent me this interview with her and Fr. Mitch Pacwa.

If you you don't have the time to watch this mind-blowing interview, I will give you the hard-hitting run-down.

1.  Women are the life-bearers.  They're sacred vessels touched by God himself, the cradles of life...which brings with it an extraordinary dignity and beauty.  At the moment we're living in a society where women are selling their birthright - they're deliberately choosing not to have children, or worse, are aborting their children - for the same reason Esau sold his birthright...for a mess of pottage (which I'm told is a bowl of stew).   We've created a society of Esau's selling their birthright for a few dollars or some scraps of food.  

2.  Satan addressed himself to Eve not because she was the weaker sex, but because she had such great influence over him.  (He didn't even ask a question when she gave him the apple.)  Women have the gift of influence.  Authority commands actions but influence changes hearts.  To have a holy influence on our families - and through it, the world - that is our lot in life.  

3.  Satan's greatest victory since the garden is the moment when a country legalizes abortion because we at that point, we wage war against life itself.  And that makes the evil one happy.  

4.  Simone de Beauvoir said that women produce nothing - that all the cathedrals and the best musical compositions and scientific discoveries were all accomplished by men.  Alice von Hildebrand says that all of that will crumble.  All of it will be destroyed at the end of time.  None of the architecture or periodic table will be remembered because no human being will be left.  What will be left - is every immortal soul that every woman has every given life to.  Not only did a woman bear every man that invented or discovered every single thing in the universe, but the souls that a woman bears will live forever.  They're immortal.  Tell me that doesn't count.  

5.  One of the questions from the audience was something like "how do we evangelize or combat the feminist world we live in?"  Her answer?  

Radiant Joy. 

Radical feminists are generally tense and angry women.  Dietrich von Hildebrand, Alice's lion of a husband, once said that the greatest apostolate is the apostolate of being.  It's not what you say or do, but what you are."  The most important thing is for women to re-discover the beauty of their mission and joyfully be what we are.  

I suppose the question am I radiating joy today?  How am I being who I meant to be?  


  1. I read a commentary on Revelations once that was a lightning moment for me. Rev 12:17
    "Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring" - this was so obvious to me that Satan was enraged at God's plan of salvation, that the Christ child should be born of a woman, and God's plan for mankind to share in His plan - including our cooperation with Him in creation - it became clear that Satan loves abortion and is the promoter of abortion. What better way to give God the finger and destroy God's ultimate creation which is man himself? and how better to do that than to get people to destroy themselves?
    Abortion truly is demonic, as Father Euteneuer wrote in his book Demonic Abortion.

    1. It's chilling how easily we go along with it, as a society, eh? I think you read my post on the spiritual side of abortion...and this only proves further that the fight is primarily spiritual.



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