March 27, 2013

We're readers, Tess and I.  Often we'll Skype each other and talk about the book's we've read, the ones we are currently reading and the ones we want to read.  Here are just a few of the most inspirational books we've read.

Books about women

1. Alice von Hildebrand. The Privilege of being a woman. Ave Maria Fl. Ave Maria Press, 2002.

2. Gertrud von le Fort. The Eternal woman. Milwaukee The Bruce Pub. Co., 1961.

3. Caryll Houselander. The Reed of God. Notre Dame, In. Ave Maria Press, 2006.

4. Edith Stein. Essays on Woman. Washington, ICS Pub. 1996.

5. Women, sex, and the Church: a case for Catholic teaching. Boston Pauline Press, c2010.

6. John and Stasi Eldridge. Captivating. Nashville, Nelson, 2005 *not Catholic.

7. Fulton J. Sheen. Love, Marriage and Children.  Dell Publishing, c1954

8.  Katrina J. Zeno. Discovering the Feminine Genius: Every Woman's Journey. Boston Pauline Press, c2010

About modesty

1.  Dawn Eden. The Thrill of the chaste. Nasville, W Publishing Group, 2006.

2.  Elisabeth Elliot. Passion and purity. Grand Rapids, Mich. Fleming H Revell, 1984 * not Catholic

3.  Karol Wojtyla. Love & responsibility. San Francisco, Ignatius, 1981

4.  John Paul II, Pope. The Theology of the Body: human love in the Divine plan. Boston, Pauline Books & Media, 1997

5.  Colleen Hammond. Dressing with dignity. Charlotte, NC, Tan Books, 2005.


  1. I've read one of the books in your list: Alice von Hildebrand - The Privilege of Being a Woman

    I must say that the author had some of the greatest insights in her being a woman and about her femininity that I had ever read. I know, you wouldn't think a man would actually buy a book such as this, but on a lark I did and I thoroughly appreciated her thoughts and wisdom that she imparted and made me see how wonderful the gifts of masculinity and femininity that God gave us really are. When I was done reading this book I passed it on to a good friend and they also saw the wisdom and truth contained in those pages. You chose well Tess.

  2. That woman is a gem and a powerful force against the militant feminists. She and her late husband were and are some of the best Catholic thinkers we have had Sarah

  3. I would like to add Colleen Campbell's book My Sisters, the Saints. This is a memoir of a woman who gave up career for marriage, thinking that she would soon have children, and then had to deal with infertility issues. Through her struggle, she came to discover saintly women who had suffered before her and they became her companions during that struggle. A very good read.

    1. Absolutely! Tess just finished reading Colleen's book and said it was lovely!

  4. Julie, thank you for mentioning Colleen Campbell. I've been a fan of her articles and editorials since I first saw her on EWTN and now, quite possibly on your recommendation I may just have to pick up My Sisters, the Saints. Thanks again.

  5. My sisters, the saints was definitely an excellent book!
    The list of books we provided is in no way comprehensive, merely an overview of the titles that have been instrumental in forming our understanding of femininity.

    We'd love to hear what other books you all have read and would recommend. Keep the titles coming... we're always looking for undiscovered treasures!

  6. I would love to suggest that fiction books speak to women in a special way.

    In fact, I'd be glad to offer a few free copies of my books Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage and Miriam: Repentance and Redemption in Rome to some bloggers who might want to read them and share how fiction can feed your soul!

    If anyone is interested, Please contact me at and let me know which book interests you and give me a mailing address and we'll get you a copy!



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