February 24, 2013
Hi all!  Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple again today.

I've been thinking about clothes and scouring Pinterest lately - for the very specific reason that in a month's time I will be doing a talk (more on this later)...in front of more than 2 people...and I'll be sweating....profusely.  No wait, ladies don't sweat, they perspire.  So I will be perspiring profusely and I am looking for an outfit that will hide the fact that I'll have two little faucets going full blast under my arms.

(Pay no attention to the plant growing out of my head above, or the completely washed out background below.  We've just bought a new camera and are working out the kinks...but the pic below has a better shot of my boots...which are warm and fuzzy on the inside.  Excellent for cold Canadian winters.)

I'm thinking this isn't the outfit for the talk, but I'm still not sure.  This little ensemble is (again) almost completely thrifted.

Skirt is New York and Co
White blouse is Joe Fresh (for you Canadian folks out there)
Stripy shirt is some weird label...but hey, I like it because it's long in the front and back and it's stripy.  The necklace - Oh the necklace - was bought from Target FULL PRICE but I loved the colour so much I couldn't help myself.

What do you think?  Good public speaking outfit - bad public speaking outfit?


  1. Extremely pretty silhouette. Doesn't hurt that you are slim as can be!

    The stripes look fun and the belt made me realize that I could've used one today.

    And sometimes you just need the necklace. Good choice!

  2. The red necklace totally makes it! I think it's a good public speaking outfit: conservative, but still shows that you have a personality.

  3. It makes me laugh to think of Jason taking pictures of you in church outfits. However, I sure did admire those stripes today at mass. On a related note, regarding the armpits (ahem), I switched to the rock crystal natural deodorant. You know, the one that is like one big piece of salt that you wet and then rub under your arms. The salts absorb the smells and deodorise without any bad stuff. I do find that it works and I sweat a lot less; almost as if I was sweating more before in order to compensate for the fact that I was blocking my sweat ducts. And, I was a profuse sweater - soaking through two shirts. My sister, who has the same profuse sweating problem, switched to the crystal and hardly sweats anymore (and she lives in Texas). I do use normal anti-perspirant if I am doing something out of the ordinary and want some extra protection. I think that the anti-perspirant can do that for me now because my body is so unused to it. The crystal also helped Dave (but that is another story and my eyes are starting to blur). I wonder if I can eat the rock crystal to help me sleep...

    1. Haha - Elena, you should see it. Jason takes a pic, I look at it and say "no", then the whole process repeats itself several more times. LOL. I have tried the rock deo before, and I wasn't a fan, but I would be game to try again. Hope you sleep well my friend. Don't think rock salt helps with sleep...

  4. Here I am all this time thinking that ladies didn't sweat or perspire but glowed...what do I know. In any case you should not hesitate wearing what you are wearing in the photo. It looks great!

  5. I think it's a fabulous public speaking outfit. Bold with a pop of color. You look professional and put together. Love it.

  6. The outfit works great for public speaking, for appearance's sake, but were you comfortable? That's the true test. It looks comfy to me.

  7. Plant? What plant? I do admire your fascinator though.

  8. I love the WIW posts... maybe one day I'll actually do one. Such a cute outfit.



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