February 27, 2013

**THIS** is why you're Catholic.
Today marks the very last day of the Pontificate of our beloved Holy Father, Benedict XVI.

He has served us faithfully and well. Many of us loved him as Joseph, Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. We are grateful he accepted Blessed John Paull II's request to not retire, to stay on in service of the Church, and ultimately took on the great task of shepherding the Church as the Servant of Servants.

He has fostered the New Evangelization, and encouraged the faithful to minister to the cyber continent, taking advantage of new technologies to bring the Good News to as many souls as possible.

He has written beautifully of the life of Christ. He has shared his great love and reverence for beauty within the liturgy - from church buildings to music. He is a scholar of vast and powerful intellect with the enviable gift of accessibility, his many many books, speeches, and Angelus addresses speaking to the heart of all.

Photo: The final Angelus........with outstretched arms Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges a packed St. Peter's Square beneath him as he delivers the the final Angelus devotion of his tenure as Pontiff 24 February 2013 in this handout photo provided by Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano. The Pontiff's resignation officially takes effect at 8pm local time on 28 February 2013. EFE/EPA/OSSERVATOREThough we will miss him, we trust that even now the Lord is guiding him - and the Church. We pray for this period of rest, and the time of prayer and reflection that follows. No doubt it will not be long before he takes up his pen once more.

We love you, BXVI!


  1. We will definitely will miss him! But we were so blessed to have him as our Pope.
    Thank you for your thoughtful post.
    God bless,

  2. We really were blessed! Thank you, Frances



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