January 7, 2013

Welcome back, dear friends, from Christmas 2012!
Welcome to 2013!  

Did you eat a lot?  Drink some?  What about chocolate?  I think I surpassed my chocolate, alcohol and caffeine consumption allotments by one hundred percent.  I'll be on detox for the next six weeks.

In view of that and considering that I am just getting back into the swing of things, I thought I'd be easy on myself and share the little bit of excellence that I've come across in the blog world over the last couple of weeks.  There have been some good ones...

My illustrious partner in crime and fellow co-founder Tess just sent me the link to Single Catholic Girl.com - which is an enjoyable site.  Go and see for yourself, lots of interesting articles there no matter what your state in life.

Recently (as in 3 months ago) my husband and I went wheat-free (not so much gluten-free as we still eat certain types of grains) so my antennae go up whenever I see articles about crossing the wheat-tiber - especially when it comes to children.  I've been hearing more and more about kids who experience severe neurological and behavioural symptoms, related to their wheat and gluten intolerances - like this one here.  I didn't realize how gluten intolerances and allergies could so badly affect the brain - it's more than a little concerning.

Ok, and for your laugh for the day, check out Camp Patton and Grace's "Day in the Life" post.  This isn't even a full day and I'm sure all you moms out there are saying, "yep, uh huh, that's happened to me" when you read about her kids and their antics.  Totally hilar.

On a serious note, if you haven't heard about Jennifer Fulweiler (of Conversion Diary and Athiest-to-Catholic fame), please keep her in your prayers.  She was admitted to hospital with several pulmonary embolisms and the recovery will be several weeks.

While you're at it, my nephew Simon was admitted to hospital over the holidays at 8 months old.  He had bilateral ear infections, a viral chest infection and just about went septic.  We're thanking God he pulled through - but he is still fighting these infections.

And for your listening pleasure - as we say goodbye to the Christmas Season.  


  1. I just read the gluten-brain article and I can identify quite easily. I have been gluten-free for a while and have often asked myself if I am just following a trend. However, the holidays let me know how real my intolerance is. I accidentally ingested several wheat cookies at Christmas (I was told that they were rice flour) followed by a few other 'treats' over the next few days. From Christmas until the gluten worked its way out of my sorry system, I had awful digestive problems and I had terrible issues with insomnia, depression and really irrational behaviour and anger. I could clearly see that it was the gluten that set me off. Perhaps instead of confessing gluttony I can now begin to confess glutenny.

    1. Oh wow Elena! No kidding. I'm suffering too...just had a good load of wheat sweets in the last two days, and my whole body is aching now. Back, arms, wrists, fingers...most of my joints in fact. Yes, it's not in my head. HAHA. I'm sure Fr. T would love if you confessed "Gluten-ny".



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