January 30, 2013

How are your gardening skills?

My sister, Natasha, has written for The Feminine Gift, (most notably here, and here) about entrusting her family and all their needs to St. Joseph. In many remarkable ways, they have always been provided for. As is often the way with God, though, while our prayers are always answered, the work we have to do can be arduous and the challenge to trust in His provision can be daunting.

This school year has been particularly tough for her and her husband. He is a teacher, having a difficult time getting on with the local school board. When she tells me about what they’re going through, she still sounds at peace because, as she said, she feels God is asking her to let Him provide. She is angry at the board’s hiring practices, but not at God. Knowing how tenuous their situation is, I consider that to be an act of grace. Her husband, being the sole provider and a man who feels his responsibilities keenly, is feeling the strain, though he too knows it’s up to God to ante up and show them the way forward. They have a definite and imminent deadline by which they will need to make big decisions. They need an answer. They need a direction. They need income.

I know there are others like them among you. I know that many families – even single folks – have deliberately chosen to live outside of economic security. Many of you have decided to raise families on one income, or to work in low paying ministries. Some of you may be working as many hours as you can manage, and are just getting by, pay cheque to pay cheque.

Here’s what I propose:  let’s pray.  There is a wonderful tradition of offering a spiritual bouquet for a person in need. Among us there are many in financial need, so let’s pray for them.  Could you offer a rosary? Take an hour of Adoration? Give up chocolate for a week? Pray with scripture for a month? Do a novena? Whatever it is, let it be something you are realistically able to do without infringing on the responsibilities you already have. Even the shortest prayers are effective – consider this one: “O Lord, help!”

Consider leaving a note in the comment box to let us know if there is a specific need you would like us to add to our intentions - or to let us know if you are able to join in our petitions.

We will do battle for our friends in a thoroughly feminine way. We will offer the Lord our love for them, and please Him with the abundance and beauty of our bouquet.


  1. i will add your intentions to my prayers as i am 37 weeks pregnant and preparing for labor. i ask that you keep me and my baby in your prayers. Ad Jesum per Mariam, lena

    1. Absolutely Lena! Thanks for your prayers, and be assured of ours.

    2. Thank you, Lena. God bless you and your little one!

  2. I have decided I'm going to pray a St. Joseph prayer I learned in school every day from now until his feast day in March for all who ask for his intercession.

  3. What a lovely idea. Yes, I'll pray for you, and for Lena who posted above. Please pray for me - I'm having plumbing problems in my condo, have had a volunteer worker from church try to fix it, but so far it hasn't helped. I'm having someone else come in the near future, and if he can't fix it I'll need to call a professional plumber. If it comes to that I expect it will wipe out my savings. Please pray for Our Father to provide. Thank you.


  4. I have a prayer request for a friend, but I won't use her name. Her husband is out of work, she is an at-home mom with one child and one on the way. Her husband needs a job right away to provide for his family. And their first-born suffered a brain injury in utero, (he is doing quite well now, though)so they are very anxious about this pregnancy.

  5. Jenna and Susan, I will certainly add your intentions!



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