January 18, 2013
Dearest friend,

I sit by the window gathering my thoughts in preparation for writing to you. It is dark out now, and the scurrying lights of passing cars is hypnotic, almost like watching fish swim in an aquarium, or a fire dancing in the grate. It is so soothing - my mind lets go and floats without form or intent. I wonder what all the hurry is out there. Where are all those cars going? What are all those drivers thinking about?

Sarah came for a visit shortly after Christmas, spending the afternoon and a large part of the evening in my little flat. We called it our Annual General Meeting, and while we did indeed discuss TFG business, it was a lovely excuse to laugh and drink tea. Father Adam, our Spiritual Director put a stamp of officialdom on the proceedings by joining us later in the day.

We talked about you, dear reader. We feel such a kinship with you, though we do not know you well, and a responsibility to you though most of us have never met. We often speculate about who you are, how you came to us, what you think of us, and whether we please you. We expressed our gratitude for your presence here, for your contributions as guest writers, leaving comments, writing us personal emails, or befriending us on social networks. You encourage us and inspire us and challenge us, and we are grateful for you!

We talked over our ideas for this next year; ideas for topics to write about; ideas for recurring themes; ideas about website design, layout, gadgets, colour schemes, logos, artwork. We shared other blogs and websites we admire, compared those we don’t and dreamed a little about what we hope for the future.

We talked about the great goodness of God who planted the seed for this undertaking more than three years ago (three years!) and has made it possible for us to work so well together though we live five hours apart. Again and again the Holy Spirit has inspired us both with the same idea for a topic, to read the same book, consider the same possibility for this site. God’s fingerprints are all over The Feminine Gift and we are humbled to be in His service. Every now and then we stop ourselves from worrying about numbers or the future to remember that. We feel the gentle guidance of Our Lady. We hope to come to a true understanding of the authentic femininity she models for us.

So, dear reader, you are ever present in our thoughts. Do drop a line in reply when you are able, as we’d like to hear how you are doing. God bless you!

Much love to you,

Tess (and Sarah)

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  1. I wonder if yo're saying I'm in your thoughts and if you do feel a true kinship with me too...If it's true yo're just made my day :-)



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