October 1, 2012

I know stuff.  In fact, I’m a veritable well-spring of truths and half-truths – both useful and useless facts – which I’ve accumulated throughout 34 years of life.  But sometimes when I sit down to my computer, and call upon my brain to give up some of it’s inner workings for my own sake and for the sake of our dear readers, it craps out on me.  All of a sudden, I’m a baby; seeing this big and crazy world for the very first time, unable to articulate anything except “goo, goo, gaa, gaa”.  In other words, I got nuthin.  Bubkiss.  Nada. 

Some might refer to this phenomenon as writers block, but in that moment, when I’m staring at an empty screen, being tempted to update my facebook status for the umpteenth time or log onto pinterest…just…for…a minute…I assume I got nothing because I know nothing.  But that’s just not true.  I know I got skills.  But this is how it all breaks down. Inspiration for my posts generally comes from one thought or experience, and the more I think about it, the more a series of other ideas pop up around that one thought – and then I furiously try and write it all down.  Every so often – like what happened today – I get what I think is a rip-roaring good idea for a post, I write down one sentence and then everything stops. 

“Where are you, thoughts, ideas, muse…hello?”  


So instead of manufacturing some sort of ‘smartness’, today I will share my one-lined wonder with you.

“Every young person wants to be seen beyond their youth.”

And there you have it.  I know, buried deep inside these words is a beautiful reflection complete with scripture passages and quotes from our Holy Father and pretty pictures – but today is not the day it’s coming out to play.  Today is a day for reading that line and saying, “Hm, that’s nice” and then going to bake brownies.   Because ladies, brownies don’t care if you know stuff, they like you just the way you are.

Oh and by the way - I do know that today is the feast day of one of the great Doctor's of our Church, St. Therese of Lisieux.  So while you're making brownies, say a prayer to her - she loves answering the littlest prayers of our hearts.

O glorious Saint Therese, whom Almighty God has raised up to aid and counsel mankind, I implore your Miraculous Intercession.  So powerful are you in obtaining every need of body and soul our Holy Mother Church proclaims you a "Prodigy of Miracles...the Greatest Saint of Modern Times." Now I fervently beseech you to answer my petition (mention specifics here) and to carry out your promises of spending Heaven doing good upon the earth...of letting fall from Heaven a Shower of Roses.  Henceforth, dear Little Flower, I will fulfill your plea "to be made known everywhere" and I will never cease to lead others to Jesus through you.  Amen.


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