October 4, 2012
I couldn’t believe it when my cell phone vibrated across my night stand, Wednesday morning. How on earth could it possibly be time to get up already? I knew in that moment, before my eyes were even open:  it was going to be a rough day.

I burned the oatmeal.

After I filled the pot with soapy water and set it on the hot stove to soften, I forgot about it, and bubbly suds overflowed all over the stove top.

The Shrew
I got lost in a book and then ‘had’ to rush through the daily scripture readings.

I got behind myself so I was late leaving. There goes walking to work.

I was incredibly cranky on the reference desk. Every patron’s question seemed pointless and annoying. I was curt with coworkers.  I ignored how rewarding and (usually) enjoyable my job is.

I really wanted to get away from myself.

 It wasn’t even 11:00.


Have you had similar days of pervasive testiness and general grumpiness?  Can you relate? 

What causes days like that?  Did I set myself up for failure with that first negative thought? Or even earlier than that when I stayed up too late the night before, ensuring I wouldn’t have enough rest. Is it possible to blame it all – or at even partially – on hormones, or the weather, or a lingering cold? I’d had a good day the day before, even went to an evening Mass. I wasn’t aware of spiritual oppression, but could it be the result of malevolent machinations? It was tempting to think so; that way blame for the Pig-Pen cloud of misery following in my wake couldn’t be laid at my door.

I don’t have an easy solution for anyone who finds herself in the same uncomfortable predicament. I didn’t discover a gratifyingly effective method for a guaranteed mood changer. Instead, here is how I tried to survive the day:

- I was aware of my distempered state and how very likely I was to snap at the slightest provocation. Knowing it, I tried to edit myself internally before I spoke out loud.  I also tried to keep a friendly demeanor, with a smile on my face and no sotto voce grumblings.

- I ate. Maybe blood sugar had something to do with my blue funk, so I had a healthy snack during break, and sought out a really tasty lunch at noon.

- I walked.  It was a grey, overcast, drizzly day but still I left the building at lunch time to get some air and exercise.

- I prayed.  Yes, this should have been my first response, but let me tell you, it was very difficult to manage even a coherent “Lord, help!”

-  I browsed the New Books display at work.  Books are my thing, so flipping through gorgeous new cookbooks, decorating manuals, and biographies fed my heart a little bit of goodness.

- End the day with prayer and a resolution that tomorrow will be a better day.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Phil 4:13

God is my refuge and strength, a present help in time of need – Psalm 46:1

Guardian Angel


  1. Books make me happy too. That's what I would do on a bad day...check out the new books at the library!

  2. Totally agree, books are often a blessing in more ways than one... I find that on bad days I try to get a book that is a known great read:). God bless.



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