October 29, 2012
Last week Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy (the school at which I work) hosted a musician named Eric Genuis.  Before his concert my husband, the Dean, and I had Eric, his violinist Elena and his vocalist Holly over to our house for dinner.   All I can say is that Eric is a genuine, deeply passionate man who's music could probably be called contemporary classical with a hint of opera and a splash of 'easy listening'.  

Ok, maybe that's code for he's an amazing musician and does a little bit of everything.  

His concert was incredibly moving.  Eric got up in between pieces and gave us, the audience, little anecdotes, stories and insights into his life and into the world of music and beauty...and I'm telling you, this concert moved me.  I bawled.  Like a little baby.  (I'm a sucker for beautiful music)  

I thought today I would give you a little teaser - and there are more on YouTube where this came from.  Also if you get a moment or you wish to purchase some of Eric's CD's or contact him to attend or plan a concert, check out his website.  

Oh and by the way, this is not a paid endorsement.  Let me just share something with you.  Just before the concert (which Eric put on for us for free) he set his CD's out for the masses and told me that if I knew of anyone who wanted his CD's and couldn't afford them, that I was to just give them away for free.  

I'm feeling the love people...and the beauty and I'm sure you will too.  

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  1. Thank you Sarah for your reflection on the concert! I was blessed to be able to attend the Pro-life conference in Toronto and they also had Eric Genuis host a concert on the Thursday evening. It was wonderful to be able to experience his beautiful music two nights in a row:). I just wanted to mention that although I loved all of his music, there were two sings which I found particularly touching: "Butterfly" (an instrumental piece which had uplifting and delicate tones), and "I am Here" (which I cried through both evenings).

    Listening to Eric really allowed me to experience music that was meant to uplift and open a window to what is truly beautiful. In many ways it is a contrast to what is promoted in our culture today... but, yet, no one listening to it would not be drawn to its beauty. Despite much of the darkness, I think that music will continue to touch people's souls. St. Michael is the patron saint of music after all.

    God bless,



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