September 27, 2012
We talk a fair bit about the importance of beauty in a woman's life, here at TFG.

I thought instead of talking yet again about it, I'd share with you three things I think are beautiful.  Take my breath away, send fizzy bubbles of happiness into my bloodstream, build a warm glow deep within kind of beauty.

 Aren't these fabulous?  I have always loved tulips for their clean lines and simplicity (the Dutch are so efficient, even in their flowers) but lately have been so drawn to the full-on lushness of peonies - especially in pink.
 A few summers ago, a friend and I took a road trip to the Big Apple. Our route took us through the breathtaking countryside of Pennsylvania, and we couldn't stop exclaiming at how beautiful it was. I was so drawn to the rolling hills and trees, through which we would glimpse farm houses, silos, green fields, and church steeples. It seemed idyllic - from a past age.  I haven't stopped thinking of it since, and really hope to make a more thorough exploration of it some day.

This picture was a lucky find, because I wanted to show you something in that distinctive Robin's Egg Blue of Tiffany & Co... maybe the jewellery box?  But no, that blue is especially happy-making when paired with a little sparkle, so that's what I went looking for. Well, lo and behold, someone had the fabulous idea to make a shoe in that blue with a delicious touch of gleaming shine right on the toe.  It's perfection!

I would never wear this, you understand, as I wouldn't be able to walk in them... not even very slowly.  I would put them on a shelf, maybe beside my Jane Austen collection, and smile every time I looked at them.

All thanks to our Good Lord for the beauty He has given us in creation, for giving us the grace to appreciate it -  and for the creative impulse to try for making a little beauty ourselves.

Would you like to share your beautiful things with us?  Write descriptions, post photos, or send us your pictures.  We'd love to hear from you.

Number Four, watching little brother Five sleep
PS - My Number Four Nephew celebrated a birthday just a few days ago.  Browsing through pictures of him, I came across this one I'd like to share as a "Beauty Bonus".  I dare you to not melt.


  1. Ok, this should be 5 very beautiful things - everything you've listed, and then this piece. Well done T!

  2. I had to laugh when you posted the shoe and I recalled that you have male readers at TFG. The shoes made me feel ouchy. I wish that I could walk in those sorts of shoes but alas even a slight heel brings on the foot injuries. I was driving with my daughter today and saw a particularly stunning tree in fall array and remarked, God didn't have to make leaves die so beautifully. But He did. This says so much about our God.

  3. I guess that's another difference between men and women lol. If I find a real nice pair of western boots or a fine pair of shoes, they go under my side of the bed where they belong until next time. Oh...if I couldn't wear them or walk in them, I wouldn't have bought them...but that's moi... lol. Right now our mountains are full of the colors of autumn and they are exquisite. I wonder what it would be like if, for just one year, the spring and summer colors of green were substituted with the autumn colors...just a thought.



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