September 3, 2012
Contributed by guest writer Natasha

Please, please please!
Praying to St. Joseph taught me this in my life: before I undertake any endeavor – big or small – I ask St. Joseph to provide all I need to complete the task. And provide he does.

As my life has progressed, I have gone from being someone who freaked out over running out of toothpaste to someone who fully expects God to have manna on my table ready for me each and every morning.

I pray to St. Joseph every time I am in need and I could write volumes on every need he has filled, big and small. From wardrobes for 5 boys for less than $200 – including boots and snowsuits – good name brand quality – to contract after contract for my husband and our sole provider in a time and place when no one is being hired.

On a teacher’s salary, we have bought two used luxury cars (in cash), certified and insured them, spent less than $1,000/month to feed us with good, healthy food, taken trips, bought summer wardrobes and afforded all the kids school end of the year madness, bought furniture, plants for the garden, paid soccer fees for two people AND have zero balances on both credit cards AND have money in the bank!  Who, in this financial climate, can say such a thing?

God performs the miracles because we do what we can – used vehicles, used furniture, buying things on sale, staying within our means – and then expect Him to provide the miracles – finding the unfindable and keeping our family solvent.

I expect God to bring me Magi bearing great riches; I expect God to tell me to flee into Egypt and out again (our move from a spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially deadly lifestyle to our ‘land of milk and honey’ in Niagara) and to equip me for every task.

When my soul needs nourishment, He sends me spiritual food.

When I prayed for a good, faithful family to befriend in our new town, the next day I met them at the park!

When I prayed for some means to teach my children the value of an entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and the ability to provide for themselves, a flyer came to our door seeking new paper carriers!

I prayed for the wisdom and ability to call out the athletic talent of my third son, and a teacher at his school approached me about having him try out for the local team he coaches.

I prayed for behavioural therapy for one of my sons who has ADD. His psychiatrist (without my asking) approached me about placing him in a group therapy program at my local hospital - the only one of its kind in the region and the only time it has happened (she had an unexpected bonus of money from the Ministry).

I needed answers and care for my own declining health and that week my husband had an uncharacteristic conversation with a co-worker about health issues and learned about the naturopathic doctor who is now successfully treating me!

We prayed for a good place to raise our children, an adequate home where all would be welcome, a place that would be attractive for our children’s friends to come to. We found Fonthill – a town straight out of Leave it to Beaver – a house that has comfortably hosted 20 people over 3 days, and a massive park in our backyard that every kid in town comes to (and most of them knock on our front door!) We even have a neighbour with a pool who invites the boys over often during the summer.

I needed a rice cooker (my family loves rice and I can’t cook it to save my life!) and found one for 50% off at my grocery store. 

And on and on it goes.

As I said, I could write volumes! I used to dream of winning the lottery. Now I buy tickets as an ode to my father who celebrated when he won $10 and gave us each a portion of his earnings, but feel no real desire to have money. God has shown me that when I allow Him to perform those ordinary miracles He so delights in, a bag of apples on sale just when I needed them feels like I’ve won the biggest of jackpot of all. All of creation is mine for the asking and I know my Father will give it all to me if I need it. The great joy of Divine Providence is that I don’t want it all! I far prefer to wake up every morning and look forward to whatever surprise my Father in store for me today. Doesn’t every woman adore surprise presents? I know I do. And doesn’t every man love to give them?  My father gives me the BEST presents and makes my life a delightful and exciting adventure. So thank you, St. Joseph for teaching me and leading me in your way. Thank you for providing for my family as only a loving father could.

I have written a lot about the temporal way that Joseph provides for us, but he provides for the most important needs of all – our spiritual needs. He is the Terror of Demons! What a title: Terror of Demons! He leads us to a deep and abiding trust in the ferocious love of our Father through providing for our earthly needs. By clothing us we remember that God made clothing for Adam and Ever after the Fall. By feeding us we remember that God feeds us with His very Self. By protecting us from harm, we remember that Jesus shielded Simon’s body from the blows of the soldiers. By providing us with homes filled with all we need and even some of what we want, we remember that God has gone before us to prepare us a place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

St. Joseph is the Catholic answer to the Protestant ‘prosperity gospel’. What has more value, having wealth, or knowing through the certainty of experience that a loving and generous Father has your every need and wish carved on the palm of His hand? As for me and mine, we gladly hand over all our concerns to the one Jesus trusted above all men: Joseph.

If you have not yet gotten to know St. Joseph, I urge you to seek him out. He doesn’t like to put himself out front and centre. If you seek him out, you will be obtaining for yourself and your loved ones, a gift beyond compare. He is a treasure worth selling all you have to buy. Just read the litany of St. Joseph! There is no one St. Joseph is not the protector of and provider for.


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