July 23, 2012

The blog world is bursting with editorials on this 50 Shades of Grey book.  All I can say is WHOA.  Really ladies, really?  We're clamouring to buy a book off the shelves that glorifies stalking and rape?  Betty Beguiles' approach was brilliant - and appreciated - as she gives ways to spice up your marriage sans the trashy novels.  And I happened upon a new-to-me blog, and I thought Brianna at Just Showing Up was right on the money in her assessment of the "grey" book.  I'll give you a teaser...

"When God made the world, He made people--and created them male and female.  Men are human through their maleness, women through their femaleness.  God of course also created marriage, community between spouses.  It's rather miraculous, really, and incredibly beautiful to consider womanhood as purpose-filled and life-giving and distinct.  Everything I do, I approach as a woman, because I am a woman.  Body and soul.

Yet we have traded the above, God-given vision for a most sad counterfeit.  We seek to suppress, at all costs, our very womanly nature.  We strive to assure people (most of all ourselves) that we are really no different from men, and that we have no unique gift to offer the world--which ironically diminishes our value and influence on the global stage"

And in the same dysfunctional vein, the movie Magic Mike just made it's way to a movie screen near you.  This flick originally caught my attention due to the sheer number of devastatingly handsome men starring in it - and then I found out what the movie was about;  a stripper who's actively working in his field, teaching other guys how to do it.  Now call me crazy but I don't think a movie about handsome chippendale-types doing 'their thing' is even remotely appropriate for any lady wanting to keep herself pure and holy, and neither does Sr. Burns who writes over at Hell Burns.

On a more positive and honestly surprising note, Pixar has a new movie out - you've probably heard about it.  It's called Brave and while I sighed and thought, "not another one" when I saw the previews, I'm positively DEEEEE-lighted to read this review of the movie.  This isn't just another Disney story full of treacly meaninglessness, but a movie chock full of symbolism and feminine strength.  Spoiler alert though - this review from Fr. Barron's fab site, Word on Fire, gives the plot away, but watch the movie and then read the review.  You'll thank me.


  1. "We strive to assure people (most of all ourselves) that we are really no different from men, and that we have no unique gift to offer the world--which ironically diminishes our value and influence on the global stage"

    Perhaps you could help me see something more clearly. Feminists have railed against men from the very beginning. I know they strove for equality with men, and for equal pay for equal work in the job market, but I see those as just deflections from their greater agenda: superiority over men. Now, if they think we(men) are such trolls in every aspect of our lives, why is it pray tell, do feminists strive to become MORE like men? Not only have they worked hard to become more like men, they have taken man's most basest desires and characteristics for their own. I don't know about you, but if I see a group of people that I positively do not admire, respect or otherwise like, why would I even attempt to become like them? What is it that I am not getting about this whole feminist movement?

    1. I have no idea Bobby...because I'm missing it too. The thing is, feminists don't only despise masculinity (and I'm generalizing here) but they also hate femininity as well. There is nothing receptive or empathetic or tender or genteel about a radical feminist - but there seems to be quite a bit of anger and hatred towards the gift of their own femininity, and also towards the opposite sex that has very likely damaged them physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. I suppose that, among other things, the grasping for 'power' and 'superiority' is a reaction to being hurt so deeply and in the process of hating the opposite sex, they become more and more like them. Funny, that. It's sort of like that game where someone says DON'T think of a polka dot elephant....and that's exactly what you think of. Unfortunately that radical feminist man-hating ideology has spilled over into the everyday life of most women, mostly thanks to the media - and so it becomes not only ok, but 'cool' to crush a man's spirit and trash his masculinity - as a way of getting back at men for the "years of suppression and oppression that this patriarchal society has held over women". I suppose making men feel like moronic buffoons makes women feel like they're intellectually superior over them, but really, women are only kicking themselves in the butt by cutting down their men. I think that radical feminists deserve our pity. And the average woman at the water cooler who cuts up her guy every chance she gets needs to recognize that masculinity is good and NEEDED for her own femininity to blossom and flourish.

  2. treacly is a new one to me. Dictionary.com here I come!



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