July 19, 2012
Because life can be busy, noisy, tiring, confusing, stressful, unexpected, we can sometimes need a little help lifting our hearts and minds to God.  Finding a place of great beauty can be just the thing.

We write a fair bit about the importance of beauty in our lives, here at TFG.  I really do think that it is a vital element in our lives.  As women we are very sensitive to our environment - not only are we attuned to beauty when we see it, but the lack of it can be a great distraction.  I'm sure we've all been in buildings (churches or otherwise) that decidedly lacked in beauty.

One such beautiful place is the School Sisters of St. Francis' St. Joseph Chapel (Milwaukee).  Quite a mouthful of a name, but just look at these pictures!

 This beautiful sacred space is the second floor chapel - nowadays mostly forgotten and overlooked.  Imagine being able to absorb this beauty while at Mass, or sitting in quiet prayer.

 No words necessary here. My heart simply sighs ... and soars.

There is no doubt this was created to pay homage to the majesty of God.  Each element is made of noble material, and nothing is out of place.
One of 150 Austrian stained glass windows.

Not all of us have such beautiful churches in our neighbourhood, and I'd wager even fewer of us have stone carvers at our beck and call.  I'm certain, though, that we all have the ability to carve out a beautiful and inspiring little corner in our home, according to what we each find beautiful and inspiring.

I'm in the process of setting up my new home, and plan to make a corner of the living room a cosy nook with a few of my favourite treasures nearby.  I'll hang my icons so I can see them from that chair, and make sure to have a view outside as well. I've saved a beautiful card my dad actually wrote a message in (he usually let mom write the message, simply signing his name at the bottom), and there are candles and a few sparkly bits that I'll embellish the space with.  Those are the things that bring joy to my heart, foster gratitude within me, and remind me to pray for those I love.

Do you have a 'chapel corner', a prayer closet, a quiet space, in your home?  Please tell us about it, and share pictures if you can!


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