June 6, 2012
...the blogging world I've come across in the last few days.  

1.  Betty Beguiles writes a thoughtful post on the temptation women have to succumb to the cultural norms that encourage us to mistreat our husbands.  

2. Nancy at the Cloistered Heart speaks of the Magnificats Mary likely spoke at every stage of Jesus' life and how your life can 'proclaim the greatness of the Lord' as well.  

3.  Want a few tips for updating your summer wardrobe?  Check out Modern Mrs. Darcy.  

4.  This post on beauty gave me goosebumps!  

5.  I came across this delightful piece on The New Noblewoman giving you Downton Abbey inspired fashion options.  I'm a *bit* obsessed with Downton at the moment...

6.  And if you're wondering where Tess has got to, you can read up on her comings and goings here - at The Lighthouse.

7.  And lastly, since I am a blogger and I graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville - I thought this blog entry from Camp Patton was a winner!  A list of FUS bloggers that will keep you busy for days - because you don't have anything else to do, right?  


  1. Gosh, I feel privileged to be in such delightful company - thank you. The post on beauty gave me goosebumps too. I didn't know if I'd have "time" to watch it, but gave it a try ... and now I think I'll just hop right back over and watch it again. Who needs to sleep? Thank you for sharing all of these!

  2. Hello Sarah,

    You have a really fantastic blog site. I have been checking a few blogs lately and I found yours today. The link to the post on Beauty was really wonderful:), that was my favourite. Well, I hope that you are well and hope to see you sometime soon.
    God bless,

  3. Thank you Nancy and Frances. I would have LOVED to have been on that train. God bless you both!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I'm honored to be in such good company.

    I loved that post on Downton Abbey fashion. Camp Patton is a new favorite of mine, and Betty Beguiles an old fave, but the rest are new to me. These will be fun to explore, thanks!



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