May 10, 2012

I'd like to hijack The Feminine Gift in order to wish my sister a happy birthday.

Sisters are such an important part of our life, aren't they?  Mine certainly is. We have shared memories, experiences in common, and a short-hand language that befuddles the poor folks subjected to our particular brand of odd.

Whether by blood or by choice, a sister knows what kind of ice cream you need to soothe a broken heart; when to offer a hug, or when a kick from behind is in order; and how to talk you down from giving your boss a piece of your mind.

My own sister is a mom to five boys - and that says a lot about her.  In her own right, though, she is a talented photographer, a spinner of fine yarns (by which I mean she tells a good story), a passionate advocate for all the ways life can be improved by being attentive. She is tender-hearted and compassionate, and an excellent cook. She makes my life so much better because while we share so much in common, it is the differences between us that add richness, texture, and interest.

Women need heart-to-heart connections, so we tend to collect sisters throughout our lives - good friends, bff's, kindred spirits who just 'get' us.  It is so good to be understood by someone who knows all our unloveliest qualities and still shares the last piece of chocolate with us.

Some of us are doubly blessed to have a kindred spirit hanging out in our very own family tree, and find that connection close to home.

Speaking of home fires, another key figure in a girl's life is her mom.  With Mother's Day just around the corner, we'd like to acknowledge the women who mothered us in childhood, tolerated us in our teenage years, befriended and mentored us into adulthood, and stand beside us today.

May God bless you, sisters and mothers.  You make our lives richer and more beautiful.

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  1. As one blessed with dear sisters of the "spiritual, God chosen" variety, I say a hearty amen. And happy birthday to YOUR SISTER!



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