May 29, 2012

Tess and I are both undergoing some changes in our lives...moving to new homes, jobs, taking some time off and otherwise doing many other things, except writing.  But we will be back - both of us - in ship shape form very soon.

In the meantime, take a look at our archives.  I went back recently, just for fun, and found a whole lot I forgot that we wrote!

Like this post about the wisdom and strength of Judith.

Or this one on how to thrive in the single life.

What about this post on knowing what your gifts are?  Have you read it yet?

This post refers to another link - an article asking the question of whether women under-appreciate their men.

Have fun!



What is a woman? What does it mean to be feminine? There is softness and hardness, compassion and ferocity. There is contentment and adventure, freedom and service. We're conundrums, especially to ourselves, but we all, in some way, possess beauty, creativity, intuition and love. We were made for love, and we are loved, cellulite and all. Here we aim to show every woman the richness and beauty of her own femininity and explore current issues relating to women in our world. We also wish to share our own experiences - exploring the joys and challenges of stay-at-home moms and single professionals and everyone in between. Welcome! So glad you're here!


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