March 22, 2012

I went for a drive with my mom yesterday.  It's one of our favourite things to do.  We call it a Horn Trip because it goes around the almost-island of where she lives.

It was an idyllic day: the sky was blue, the sun was warm through the windows of the car, and we could see many signs of returning life in the busy birds and greening pastures.  I didn't need anything else in that moment... except for maybe a wee bit of chocolate.  It was practically perfect in every way.

It really is the simple things that bring the most happiness, isn't it?  Sitting with my journal before bed last night, I composed a very quick list of my favourite things - those things that bring happiness right to my bones. Here's what I came up with:

(in no particular order)

  • tulips
  • open water in all its moods
  • walking through the woods
  • a really good book I can't put down
  • large steeped tea, 2m 1s
  • anything in Tiffany Blue
  • incense, Divine Praises, Tantum Ergo
  • giggling Peanuts (my nephews)
  • sleeping in a really dark room
  • the smell of pine trees on a hot summer's day
  • going really fast - by bike, car, plane, roller coaster, skates
  • apple pie
  • a friend I can be silent with

There you are; a round baker's dozen of my favourite things.  I can't believe I didn't include chocolate!  There are certainly other things that make me happy; these ones came to mind as I was jotting last night.

How about you?  Where is your bliss?  What are your favourite things?  What makes you happy?


  1. Tulips, the sound of a fan while falling asleep, the sound of rain while falling asleep, hot baths with good books, the SMELL of my babies (they should bottle that scent - it's instantly calming and soothing), friends I can laugh until I cry with, gold medal ribbon ice cream, the ocean, campfires, sleeping through the night, thunderstorms and still winter nights after a snowfall where the world just seems to be holding her breath.

  2. So true! Is there anyone that doesn't like tulips? They are just so 'spring-y' and a sign that there is still life in the world. The sound of rain on the roof of a tent trailer. Tea almost too hot to drink. And I'm with Carly on the Ocean, sitting around the campfire quiet and the smell and sounds of thunderstorms.

  3. Oh! Excellent lists, ladies, I say yes to everything: babies, laughing till crying, thunderstorms, rain on the roof of a trailer, campfire, ocean, thunderstorms...

    Miss Carly, I'm sensing that sleep makes you happy?

  4. Well Tess, I get so little of it and not necessarily because of the babies, but because I'm not good at it. So when peaceful and quality sleep happens, well, I'm a fan. :o)

  5. I'm tempted to say "just put your mind to it" but I do understand and sympathize. My most practical suggestion is to sleep in the Baby Man's room. I think it's magic.

  6. LOL. With or without the Baby Man present? :o)



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