March 26, 2012

A while back my husband was out and about and overheard someone talking about going to "the mall".  Let me just tell you, there is barely a gas station in this little town, let alone a group of stores classified as a mall.  Guess what "the mall" is.  Just guess.

The garbage dump.

So I'll admit.  I've done my fair share dumpster diving.  Ok, it was never in a dumpster, it was mostly just driving around on garbage day in the uppity neighbourhoods, but I'm definitely not above re-using something that someone is clearly finished with.  It's my little way of saving the planet (he he he - and not having to shell out big bucks for antiques and practically new furnishings).

But shopping?  At the dump?  It strikes images of the late night Christian Childrens Fund commercials with Sally Struthers pointing out 2 year olds standing on a pile of garbage picking through it. Yikes.

My parents do not have garbage pick up out where they live, so they have to journey to the dump every week or couple of weeks to discard it.  They realized not too long ago that the Refuse Station near them has a "Re-use" centre...a place where perfectly good stuff can be dropped off and then picked up by others.  My parents have found oodles of furniture and other things in excellent shape there, all for free.  I'm kinda envious of that actually.  I especially like the wooden benches they found for around the table - where the upholstered bench seats hide storage inside.  So nice.

But up here, there's no neat and tidy re-use centre.  Shopping at the mall consists of taking a look around when you go to throw your garbage on everyone else's.

I try not to look.  Things are just

It's a pink hibiscus!
But there's always a first.  Last fall, while discarding our garbage, I saw a large, well-leafed plant in a large pot.  It was both tall and rotund and it barely fit in the truck, but I thought it looked beautiful.  I had no idea what kind of plant it was, but it was well established and looked very much alive.   So we brought it home.  

6 Weeks later, it bloomed.  6 weeks after that, it bloomed again.  It's so beautiful, I just had to share.  This is what we found at the mall last fall.


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