February 23, 2012

I have never given a Marian focus to Lent before, but this seems to be the year for it. 

Our Lady of Trust

The picture that keeps coming to mind for me is of a young Mary packing up her infant child, all the earthly goods of her small family, and following where her husband leads her in the hope of escaping the wrath of Herod.  What a lot of trust was required of her in unknown circumstances.

We don’t know much of her life after that, until she appears in some of the gospel stories, most notably the wedding at Cana when she quite memorably advizes: Do as He tells you.

The most striking image of all is that of Our Lady, standing at the foot of the Cross of her son, her Saviour.  Everyone else has left Him, but her love of Him keeps her there.

I am going to ponder those three points over the next six weeks: trust, obedience, love.

Blessed Mother,grant me some measure of the faith you exhibited, so that I, too, may trust in God, be obedient to His Holy Will, and know His great Love for all. Help me to enter into the mystery of the desert in these days of preparation for the greatest mystery of all: the Death and Resurrection of your Son.

How about you?  What are you hoping to do this Lent?

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  1. Marvelous idea. A gal can always learn to better trust in the Lord - in imitation of the Blessed Mother!
    For me, I'm going to cease nagging. I didn't think I did it, but oh was I wrong. Going to be tough, I suspect, since I was mostly doing it unconsciously.
    Thanks for this T!



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