August 1, 2011
Do you have enough time in your day to make a slow simmering marinara sauce? (Tomatoes plucked from the vine in your backyard just this morning.) Maybe you have a batch of warm, tempting bread sitting on your counter, the aroma enticing everyone to drift into the kitchen looking for the strawberry jam you put up last week?  Are you very nearly finished hemming the pretty yellow summer dress you made for your daughter?  I know you've carefully tucked away the remnants of fabric for your winter quilting project. You're a modern woman, otherwise you would have woven the cloth from wool you carded and spun yourself. Thank goodness for fabric and notion stores!

Do you, like me, ever feel niggles of guilt - or at least regret - that the paragraph above isn't exactly true?  It's easy to lay a gloss of perfection over the 'good old days' when a woman's day was consumed by such chores. Most of her time was consumed by the preparation of meals (including the garden from which much of it would come), construction, care, and maintenance of clothing, and housekeeping.

Wait a second. Doesn't that sound familiar, even for us singletons?  We may work outside the home, but a significant portion of our day still revolves around those tasks. Why is it that we get misty-eyed at the thought of steaming ourselves for an hour over a vat of cooking tomatoes, but sigh with resignation over a quick supper of pasta?

Because we believe that while life may have been more laborious, it was also simpler, gentler... maybe even happier. Who doesn't want those qualities in their own life? I believe we can have them, that we should, in fact, have them.

I was going to write about finding balance in modern life. Instead, I've decided to leave it to you, our readers to reflect on how the balance is working in your own life and hopefully share ideas, or ask questions in the comments section.

What do you most wish you had the time to do? Have you tackled a days-of-yore skill for your own pleasure? Do you whole-heartedly embrace all modern conveniences with nary a nostalgic thought of the past? Are there traditional womanly skills you think girls should be taught?  Let us know!


  1. I've just been on a Master Chef kick...watching folks race around the clock to make the best handmade-from-scratch meals, and reading this just hits it home for me that I wish I had time to cook the best, freshest and most delicious meals, rather than the from-the-package stuff I settle for half the time. Why do I let Kraft chefs decide what flavours I put in my tomato sauce? And I am wanting to try my hand at puff pastry or "patisserie" and I'm not even sure what that is, but it looked fantastic! LOL.

  2. HA!! Love it. Actually, it was watching an episode of Iron Chef with my mom that inspired this post. Why do we get so misty eyed about home cooked meals from scratch? Because they are good and nourishing on so many levels, that's why!! Do we gain enough from convenience to outweigh what we loose? Hmmm....

  3. Fascinating question - I suppose that depends on what you value more, eh? I know I highly value many conveniences - ie. indoor plumbing, electricity. I can get by without them for a time, but there's nothing like a hot shower after camping for a week. Or snuggling into my man-made-fibre bed after sleeping on the ground. On the other hand, does liking modern conveniences mean we MUST kick ourselves up into high gear all the time, doing away with everything that slows us down and gets us back to the Lord and his creation? I think maybe we have to be very conscious of ourselves and our time - deliberately spending time and energy wherever and whenever we need re-charging. Which...incidentally...I'm terrible at!!



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