August 6, 2011
I recently had the good fortune to spend an afternoon in a lovely historical town brimming over with lush and gorgeous flower plantings, attractive architecture, trees and river and lakes in their full splendour, and little shops displaying tempting morsels of all sorts whether your tastes run to fashion, home design, or gastronomy.
There with a dear friend who has an appreciation for beauty, it was a day to delight a woman’s heart. There was no need to spend money. It wasn’t the acquisition of things which made us happy. We were there to enjoy each other’s company and to absorb the place through our pores. I think women have the ability to translate beauty into contentment the way plants and trees transform sunlight into chlorophyll.

Is there a place you visit or an activity you enjoy which gives you a down-to-the-bone feeling of well-being and happiness?


  1. Adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
    Admiring a newborn.
    Going for a walk and spending some time in silence, enjoying being alone (or with my loved ones) in the middle of God's amazingly Beautiful Creation.

  2. A walk in the woods behind the house in autumn does it to me. There is something about the scent of decaying leaves and the chill in the air that brings to me thoughts of my childhood each and every time, and they are oh so,so good.

  3. Jacinthe, the Adoration Chapel is one of my favourite places, too.

    Ordinary Catholic, I agree: the woods, especially in the fall are perfect in sight, sound, and smell.

    I also like to be by the water - it brings me contentment and deep-running peace.

    Lately I've discovered that making jam makes me happy. I wonder... just how much jam can a family of 8 consume in a year?

  4. Ok, this will sound weird, but when I was a kid we had a hard top trailer that made a funny "ping" sound when it rained and I loved that sound. Waking up to rainfall is still a favourite of mine, especially when you can hear it hit the roof of the house or the leaves or anything. Also the smell of rain makes me happy too.

    And I too just love sitting with the Lord, in the adoration chapel or just in the church, with nobody around.

    An Tess...I'm open for jam donations...anytime...

  5. Jam?? Is someone giving jam away? Tess? *...wonders if there is a jam tariff from Canada to the USA...*

  6. Sarah! That is one of my favourite sounds of all time, too. We used to camp in a trailer and it was the best feeling ever to be safe and cosy inside, playing cards or reading Anne of Green Gables for the first time by the light of a hissing propane lantern while it rained outside.

    As for jam, with cherries and peaches still to go, I may have to resort to a give away!



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