July 17, 2011
Earlier in the week we talked about seeing the obligations in our life as a privilege.  I had been talking to a friend about feeling the burden of having to do something, and she reminded me that the thing is actually something I love to do.  I needed to hear it in order to readjust my perspective.

However,we may be able to see our obligations as privileges, and practice gratitude all day long, but the truth is what we do is still work. It’s repetitive, often not very interesting, frequently challenging, and for many of us, performed in isolation.

This friend and I decided to offer the obligations of our day for the merit of the other. That started the gears whirring.  Many of us do this anyway: we offer our daily struggles for those who may be in need. We talk with friends to find out they are going through a hard time and we offer to pray for them.  It’s our natural response as Catholic women.

What if each of us were to choose someone from among our acquaintance and pray for them specially, for an entire month. We could dedicate a rosary each week for their intentions; offer the evening dishes for their struggles; fast from a second cup of coffee for their closer union with God - there are many opportunities in the course of a day to make an offering for a friend.

Though we often feel we’re battling on our own, we really are standing shoulder to shoulder.


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